10 Best Themes for Microsoft Edge You Should Try (2021)

Microsoft Edge is now much better than before. The Edge browser is much better than the old Internet Explorer. And it works with the same chrome engine as Google Chrome. And that’s an advantage for the Microsoft Edge browser. It works so well that many users have already switched to Edge. And if you also want to use it and customize your browser. Here are the top ten themes of Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge now supports extensions, including the number of themes such as Google Chrome. You can even use the Chrome Web Store to get add-ons for your Microsoft Edge browser.

Google Chrome has many features, but it requires many resources that are not reliable for low-budget laptops. And that’s where Microsoft Edge comes in. It now has all the features of Google Chrome. And he’s so impressive that he’s now my new daily navigator. And if you also use it on your computer and want it to look good, take a look at the Microsoft Edge themes listed below.

Best Microsoft Peripheral Themes

As you know, you can also use the Chrome add-on on Edge, including themes. This means that all themes available for Chrome can also be used in the Microsoft Edge browser. And since there are only a few themes available in the Edge Extension Store, you can use the Chrome Web Store on Edge to get new Microsoft Edge themes.

To apply themes to Microsoft Edge from the Chrome Web Store, go to the Chrome Web Store page on Microsoft Edge first. Then search for the topic you want to download. Open the theme and click the Add to Chrome button to install it in your Edge browser.

Let’s start with the list of the best themes for Microsoft Edge.

1. Colours

Color is a theme that brings a colorful window to your Microsoft Edge. This makes the Edge browser very colourful. The color theme looks like an image with color breaks, but only at the top of the screen. The theme looks great in the browser. It doesn’t change the look of the settings or other pages, but it looks very nice with transparent tabs where you can see the splashes in the background.

It’s a simple theme, and if you want to give your Microsoft Edge a minimal look, you can try the Color theme. And if you customize the tab at home, you’ll like the theme even more. The theme is suitable for desktop computers with a resolution up to 2560×1600 pixels.

Download a color theme for Microsoft Edge

2. Coral reef

If you like nature scenes on your wallpaper, you’ll be happy to know you can get them on Edge too. With the coral writing theme you have a look at the corals in the ocean on your homepage. When we see scenes from nature, she relaxes our minds with her soothing gaze.

You can guess the species by its name, which will be available in the Coral Reef Edge themed wallpaper. And if you like the Coral Reef theme, you can download it from the Chrome Web Store in the Microsoft Edge browser. You can also consult the download link.

Download Coral Reefs Theme for Microsoft Edge

3. Plate

The Chrome Browser has a number of themes published by the Chrome Team. And these are simple themes for a better visualization of the browser homepage. Personally, I like the slate theme that complements the blue. The Chrome team offers 14 simple themes. And you can choose what you want.

The slate theme makes the Microsoft Edge browser lively and attractive. Although Slate was made for Chrome, it looks even better on Microsoft Edge. And you can see it on the picture above. Just try Black, Sea Foam, Rose, Oceanic and other simple designs for your Microsoft Edge.

Download the slate theme for Microsoft Edge

4. Black-green shards

Like the green and black combo? If so, Black Green Shards would be the perfect Microsoft Edge theme for you. It has an attractive and unique design that you can fall in love with. It has a 3D structure in black and the edges in green. Text and other small details are shown in green when using a theme.

In a recent update of the theme, it benefits from a new feature that further improves the layout of the tabs. When you are on a tab, it is displayed in rounded corners, while the other tabs are displayed in a rectangle. If you want to try this great Microsoft Edge theme, check out the download link.

Download the Green Shards black theme for Microsoft Edge

5. Universe

You can easily tell from the title that it’s a spatial theme. The theme of the universe is highlighted very well in the exhibition, with its astonishing appearance. The theme consists of a universe wallpaper that shows you the amazing nature of the universe. It’s very beautiful and at night you can see the stars on the wallpaper. The editor of the song is Alison Goldsmith.

The theme receives a lot of positive feedback from users. And it deserves all the praise because it offers an attractive welcome booth. It also makes the tabulation button transparent, which many users like. It is available for different resolutions 1920×1080, 1366×768, 1440×900, 1600×900. And if you need other resolutions, you can also contact the Theme Editor.

Download the Universe Theme for Microsoft Edge

6. Crimson Night

If you are looking for a simple theme, Crimson Night may be your next theme. The theme of Crimson Night is brown and black. The basic color will be brown, but black gives an extra edge that makes it better.

The theme highlights the tab change you are currently in. While the other tabs are displayed in dark gray. This means you can easily check which tab is open. It certainly deserves a place in the list of the best themes for Microsoft Edge.

Download the Raspberry Night Theme for Microsoft Edge

7. Lantern housing Standard

The list of the best Microsoft Edge themes wouldn’t be complete without the addition of a superhero theme. We all love superheroes, and there are a lot of wallpapers and themes that even make them special. Browsers also have access to certain superhero themes such as Iron Man, DC’s logo, Deadpool. Black Panther, Lantern Corps, and more. The standard lantern case looks fantastic according to these drawings.

The theme wallpaper contains the logo of several lanterns in the DC strips and reflections. It is very beautiful because it retains a minimalistic design. The theme is published by pencil computers. And it is available in the standard resolution 1366×768, but you can also use it with other resolutions.

Download the standard theme Lantern Case for Microsoft Edge

8. Lost Dreams (Aero)

Lost Dreams (Aero) is another beautiful theme of Microsoft Edge by Xeno. The pattern has a large white rose in the middle, which is the main attraction of the design. The Aero theme looks like a white layer of paint, but in an irregular form that gives the theme a special touch. If you like a theme with a white background, you will love this theme.

Xeno’s Lost Dreams theme as an editor. And it has received many positive reactions from users all over the world. You can easily try this theme in Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

Download the Lost Dreams theme for Microsoft Edge

9. Cosmopolis

Cosmopolis is another cool theme for Microsoft Edge. It is based on a blue tinted cityscape. The theme adds a great look to the browser’s homepage, which makes it interesting. On the wallpaper the light of the building goes well with the blue shades.

The most important thing about the Cosmopolis wallpaper is the water outside the city. The reflection of the building is visible in the water, which is another beauty of this theme. And Crescent Moon is another major publication on the subject.

Download the cosmopolitan theme of Microsoft Edge

10. Fire music

We close our list of Microsoft Edge themes with the theme Fiery Music. It comes with beautiful graphics that enhance the Home tab. The wallpaper contains a burning skull that smashes the boombox with a burning guitar. Thanks to the chromeposter for the great Microsoft Edge theme.

The theme is available in several resolutions: 1440 X 900, 1024 X 768, 1280 X 1024, 1366 X 768, 1440 X 900, 1680 X 1050, 1920 X 1200. If you like this theme, you can download it via this link.

Download the Fiery Music Theme for Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a great browser, and we may see more updates with new features later on. If you want to get the most out of these questions, read the tips below.

Tip: On the home screen, click the Settings icon and select a custom layout. And change your settings according to the given screenshot. It removes news and other options from the homepage for minimal design.

So here’s a list of the best Microsoft Edge themes. If we missed a topic you think should be on the list, please let us know in the comments section.

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