11 Best Apps To Change JPG To PDF Image Files On Android

11 best apps for changing JPG image files to PDF on Android – Due to the rapid evolution of technology, it is very easy to change the file format to another form, including converting image format files to PDF.

11 best apps for changing JPG image files to PDF on Android

This is very important because when we use a scanning system to scan documents, the format of the scanned output is usually in the form of images, although we often have to send the documents in PDF format.

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If you do not know how to convert image files to PDF, you can follow the steps for converting JPG image files to PDF in the following example.

Changing JPG formats to PDF image files on Android

  1. You first need an application to edit PDF files, in this case I use Microsoft Word 2016.
  2. Open the Microsoft Word application that lets you
  3. Then click the Insert tab and select Images under Illustrations.
  4. When the file explorer appears, navigate to the location and double-click on the image you want to export to PDF.
  5. Then set the image format and adjust the layout of Microsoft Word, both landscape and portrait.
  6. Once you have made the settings, click the File button in the top left corner of the screen.
  7. Then select Export and choose Create PDF / XPS Document from the Create PDF / XPS Document menu.
  8. Specify the location of the PDF, enter the file name in the File name column and make sure the PDF is displayed as the storage type.
  9. Last click Publish

In fact, using the above steps, you can not only convert JPG images to PDF, but also edit images in other formats supported by Microsoft Word applications.

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You can also use a text editing application other than, for example, Microsoft Word. B. The WPS office, which has a fairly similar look and feel.

Of course, you can also convert graphic files to PDF with the same appearance, with more or less similar steps, with differences in button names or positions.

You can also use Smallpdf for this purpose. You must upload the image file to smallpdf.com and you will not be able to download it in PDF format until it is ready.

But for those of you who use a mobile device, you can use the CamScanner application to scan important documents. With the application, which is free of charge in this shop, you can convert the camera recording directly to PDF.

2. PDF image and press release of

Getting Started Sharing PDF Images and PDFs

With the Image to PDF and Sharing application, you can easily switch from JPG to PDF format. Click on the selected image to select the image you want to convert to PDF.

After entering the image of which you want to change the format, you can convert it directly to PDF.

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In the past, this application also reported changes in the filename. If you want to change the file name, enter it under Rename.

After changing the file name, it is time to perform the conversion and wait a while until Image to PDF and Sharing has finished converting the file to PDF. It’s very simple and easy, isn’t it?

3. JPG to PDF Converter

JPG to PDF Converter

The application for converting JPG to PDF comes this time from the developer Weeny Software. Just as easy as the previous application, JPG to PDF Converter also has a function that allows you to convert your JPG files directly to PDF.

How? Easy, you just need to download the JPG to PDF Converter application first. Then enter the request. Then select the image you want to convert to PDF.

Are you ready? Just click the Convert to PDF button and wait a few seconds for the JPG to PDF converter to complete the conversion process. How would you like to try this application?

4. Image converter Pdf

Pdf Image converter

In addition, there is an image to Pdf converter which is one of the applications to convert the best JPGs to PDF on Android.

This time the name of the application is Image to Pdf Converter. This application has a relatively simple user interface that allows the user to use it easily.

In addition to the simple user interface, you can also convert JPG files to PDF with a single click. Here you have to select the photos you want to convert to PDF.

Then with one click you can convert your photo files directly to PDF, and the image to pdf converter saves them in your gallery.

5. ConvertJPG to PDF & Scanner

ConvertJPG to PDF & Scanner

As the name suggests, it is of course an application for converting JPG to PDF. This application makes it easy for the user to convert JPGs to PDF. In fact, you can also store your conversion results directly in the cloud storage!

Besides the conversion possibility this nice LOL APPS application can also be used as a scanner to convert files to PDF or JPG format.

You can also save them directly in the HP photo gallery or online storage. If you are interested, just click on this link and get the application, it’s free!

6. Image to PDF Converter – Infosoft DLM

Picture-to-PDF Converter – Infosoft DLM

In addition, you can choose image to PDF converter is one of the applications to convert the best JPG to PDF on Android.

Why is that? Because with this application you only need to take a small step to convert JPG to PDF. Select an image and convert it directly to PDF. Like, easy and simple, right? Wanna give it a try? It can be downloaded here.

7. Image-to-PDF Converter – BG Studio

Picture-to-PDF Converter – BG Studio

To keep up with other developers, BG Studio is also developing an application that makes juggling JPG and PDF files simple and easy. Do you want to know how?

It’s quite simple, but make sure you already have the Image to PDF Converter application. Once downloaded, you can immediately select the image of which you want to change the format. Then you can first change the name of the file and then easily convert it. Simple and easy, isn’t it?

8. JPG to PDF Free Converter

JPG to PDF Converter

The following application is a free JPG to PDF converter. In the application you can use all functions for free. In addition, the free JPG to PDF converter can also be used offline! It is interesting to know that this application also has a password function that prevents others from seeing your files.

In addition to the full range of functions, JPG to PDF Converter Free also has PDF resizing tools.

You want z. For example, convert an image file to PDF in Letter, Legal or A4 format. Oh yes, besides the possibility to adjust the file size, this application also supports image formats such as JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP and others.

9. Picture-to-PDF converter – Rectangle

Image to PDF Converter – Edit

Next, we recommend a Rectfy application called Image to PDF Converter. This application allows you to convert multiple images to PDF files offline.

Moreover, the operation of this application is very simple. But before you learn how to use it, you need to download the application here.

Now that you have the application, the first step is to select the image you want to convert to PDF. You can then click directly on the Convert to PDF button. Finally, wait a few minutes for the application to finish converting your files.

10. PDF image – Social tool App

Image to PDF – Social Tools App

For the following application, we recommend the Image to PDF application created by the Social Tools application.

This application supports different image formats from JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF to WebP. This application not only supports many formats, but can also be used offline, so you don’t have to worry about an internet connection.

In fact, this application can convert more than two images at the same time, you know. Pretty busy, huh? It can be downloaded here.

11. JPG to PDF Converter – AppGuru

JPG to PDF Converter – AppGuru

Another application to convert JPG to PDF. This application is called JPG To PDF Converter and can easily convert JPG to PDF. Just select the image you want to convert to PDF and let JPG to PDF Converter process it.

Besides the possibility to change the JPG format, you can also juggle with PNG, BMP and JPE to PDF as before.

It’s simple, isn’t it? If you want this application, you can download and install it in the PlayStore or click here.

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So, my friends, they are already over 11 best ways to turn JPG image files into PDF, if you have any questions about this article you should comment below.

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