5 Ways to Remove Page Numbers in Microsoft Word

Today you will learn how to delete page numbers in Word.

If you insert page numbers for one or two reasons, you will find that you no longer need numbered pages.

Or maybe you want to delete page numbers only for certain
pages, such as the first page or the first three pages.

You’ve come to the right place.

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Here are some of the easiest ways to remove page numbers from a Microsoft Word document:

How to delete all page numbers in the word

If you are looking for a way to delete page numbers for specific pages, scroll down to option 4 as this explains everything.

However, if you want to remove all page numbers
from your document, the following options are available.

Option 1: Remove the page number from the footer or header


This is the easiest option to help you remove page numbers like
, it can be done in less than five seconds. This method can be used in Windows and
Mac versions of Word.

NOTE : Use this method if you want to delete all page numbers in the document. But if you want to delete the numbers on the first page or say the first 3 pages, go to the next section (option 4).

Let’s start with the steps:

  • Double-click the header or footer that contains the page number. A double click on this area activates the headers and footers and makes them editable.
  • You can also right-click and click Edit Footer to change your footer in edit mode.
  • Now highlight the page number and click Delete to delete the number. It doesn’t have to be page 1; it can be any page of a document.
  • Now press the Esc key so that there is a title and a subsection.

If only one of the page numbers is deleted, all page numbers
will be removed from the document.

NOTE : If there are still page numbers for some pages, this means that there is a page break, which divides the document into sections. In this case, delete one of the page numbers in this section to delete all page numbers.

Option 2: Delete page numbers in MS Word by deleting step.

In Microsoft Word, page numbers are inserted in the header or footer

Removing headers or footers means removing
from all content, including page numbers.

NOTE : Use this approach if you have no other
content (e.g. a letterhead) in the headers or footers. Only page numbers
must be included in the footer or header.

The steps are described below:

  • Define the section with page numbers
    . Is it up or down? The footer pages
    are at the bottom of the pages, while the footer pages
    are at the top of the pages.
  • If the page numbers are in the
    footer, remove the footers by clicking on the Insert tab, the
    header and the footer, click on the footer and then click Remove Footer.
  • If the page numbers are in the headers,
    deletes the headers by clicking on the Insert tab, clicking the Title button under Title
    & Footer and then clicking Delete Title.

After removing fingerprints or titles from your document, the word
also deletes page numbers. You can always add page numbers
to your pages.

Option 3: Use theClear Page Numbers command.

The above options are only abbreviations for removing page numbers

There is a built-in command that allows you to delete page numbers in Microsoft Word with just a few clicks.

Here you can see how to use this team:

Click on the page number under the Insert tab in the title and footer
. The pop-up menu appears, press the Delete Numbers button on page

With these few clicks, all your page numbers
should disappear from the document.

NOTE : If this method does not work, it means that the page numbers are inserted directly into the field instead of using the Insert page numbers menu. In this case, use one of the above methods.

Option 4: Delete the page number on the first page

The three methods above only showed how
can remove all page numbers from the Word document.

However, most official documents and reports do not have page number
on the first page.

If that’s true in your case, you’re in good company.

There are two ways to remove page numbers from the first page in Microsoft Word. One of them refers to the use of a command called Other Front Page. The other was to divide the first page into sections, so that the number on the first page could be removed without affecting the rest of the pages.

Use anothercommand for the first page

If you do not want a multi-part document, you must omit the numbering on the first page by following the steps below:

  • Open a Microsoft Word document with the first numbered page.
  • Double click on the Legs section to make it editable. This exposes all header and footer commands to a suddenly entered tab marked as header and footer.
  • Click to check the order Several first pages

When this box is checked, the number of the first page is hidden.

A similar result can be obtained with the following steps

  • Click the Layout or Page Setup tab on page
    to activate it.
  • Then click on the start page at the bottom right in the category

The Layout dialog box should appear.

  • Click to activate the Layout tab.
  • Check the Different first pages box under headers and footers.
  • Now click OK to apply the changes.

Look at the screenshot:

If you click OK, the page number of the first page disappears from the Word document.

So you delete the number on the first page.

NOTE : After successfully deleting the page number of the first page, the second page is numbered 2. That means the first page always counts, it’s just hidden. If you have a problem with this, you can set it to start with zero (0), so that the first page is zero (0), which is hidden anyway, and the second page shows the number 1.

Option 5: Delete the number of the first page with page.

You can also use the Pause section command to separate the first page of
from the other pages.

For example, if you delete the number on the first page,
has no effect on the other pages.

But without separating the first page, all pages are deleted, even if you only delete the number of the first page.

NOTE : Not only for the first page, but this approach can also be used to remove page numbers from certain sections using the word

The phases are briefly described below:

  • Click to place the cursor at the end of the first page.
  • On the Layout or Layout tab, click the Pauses button and then click Next Page.

Allows you to insert a partition envelope on the first page and start a new
partition on the second page.

The first page is now separate from the other pages
. But it’s not over yet.

Read on to finally separate the homepage from the other pages

  • Go to page two and double-click on the footer to make it editable. You will also see the Title and Footer tab.
  • In the Title and Football Book tab, remove the link to the second page of the first one by clicking on the link to the previous page.
  • Now go to the first page and delete page number

To delete a page number from the first page, double-click in the title or basement area, select the page number and press the delete key.

You will notice that the first page number
is removed without deleting the other page numbers.


If you follow the steps described on this page carefully, I am sure you will be able to solve any problems related to deleting page numbers in Microsoft Word.

However, if you are still experiencing problems, you can consult the remarks in section
below for more information.

Thank you for landing on this site.

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