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My first memory of Bridge Building goes back to primary school on an Apple IIe computer. We were ordered to build a bridge over which the car could safely cross. In terms of difficulty, I consider it an advanced challenge, and the reward would be a lemonade and a chocolate bar for the first person to accept it. I admit I cheated and I won. I found a standard backrest structure with prefabricated bridges and used one. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Still, I have enjoyed what has undoubtedly become a bridge game between genres over the past 30 years. I’m now reviewing Bridge Builder Adventure for Nintendo Switch, which aims to create an absurd, cartoon-like version of the classic mechanic. So how well does this bridge-building game hold up against countless others?

Bridge Builder Adventure takes players on an adventure where a charming Orc crosses the bridges you built to travel through portals in his World of WarCraft-inspired wheeled vehicle. The game is doing great with the basic mechanisms, and with the support of the controllers or a very accessible touch screen, both ways of playing are a breeze to play with and help you on your way to creating soft bridges.

With the level 60 offer, I thought I had a lot of problems with the late levels. It is quite easy to skip the third part of the game, but without too much frustration. The good thing about Bridge Builder Adventure is that it can have a fairly open end once you’ve reached a certain level. You have basic materials, and the game reduces them to a minimum; wood, iron, balls and rope are really good things. Most of these games give you a limit on the amount of material you can use in each level, and this game describes this with a cost system that is very easy to learn and understand.

Objectively, at each level, you must ensure that your car collects the key to open the gate door while safely crossing the bridge you are building. The design and reconstruction of the bridge elements are very simple and thanks to the numerous control schemes available, it is very accessible for use and experimentation.

What this game adds is that the boss levels are pretty cool. They are, so to speak, additional challenges or obstacles on the track. An example is a big flying machine for bad guys with spiked rotors that goes through your level. So you have to build your bridge, away from its path, or you will end up in a world of suffering. I would have liked to have more of these stylized events in the game, but unfortunately they are quite rare.

The game always tries to mix the gameplay, and you will find some levels where you have to jump in a car or something. In terms of decades old bridge games, this one is on par with many others, and not as new as some I’ve seen there.

Bridge Builder Adventure was originally launched as a mobile game, and the Switch port still makes it recognizable. Each level is rated by a star for the quality of your game, and the casualness of the game is similar to what you would normally find in a mobile game. That’s not necessarily a bad thing in this kind of games, but you certainly pay a high price for the Nintendo Switch version of the game, which seems to be identical to the mobile version (apparently free in the Google Play Store). Still, if you want to do some reconciliation action on Swisher, you’ve got a lot of options. Bridge Builder Adventure is a respectable purchase among them, offering a nice thematic progression that really stands out from the other competitors in the graphics department. Unfortunately, the game formula has not brought anything new, and it is not so much fun or exciting to play.

Revision of the adventure of bridge builders

  • Graphs – 6/10
  • Sound – 6/10
  • Gameplay – 5.5/10
  • Late complaint – 4.5/10


Final thoughts: MEDIOCR

Bridge Builder Adventure is a cute adventure game in a renowned niche genre. The game offers a number of fun levels and a classic open design, but generally it does nothing new or exciting to lift it above the competition. Eventually, you’ll still build bridges like the other games of the last few decades, so this purchase will depend on your $14.99 fanaticism.

Alex has been in the gaming industry since Nintendo’s release. He has turned his hobby into a career, has been developing games for just over ten years and is now creative director of the studio.


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