Bridge the Gap Between the Security You Have and the Security You Need

Change is taking place – sometimes much faster than expected – just like in 2020. When a threat suddenly changes, security experts must react quickly and change their safety attitude. This means not only reconfiguring existing security investments, but also adding new ones.

But given the number of heterogeneous security applications sold by multiple vendors, new security enhancements are difficult to manage. Not only must they coexist with the existing security infrastructure, but they must also be integrated so as not to create security holes that can be exploited by attackers. The experience of users and companies must also be preserved. Isn’t it surprising that the IEC is still fighting? It is difficult to optimize and manage existing investments in cyber security software – and expand security capabilities – while keeping pace with changing business needs.

It’s time to ask the safety providers for more. It’s reasonable to expect them to do the following:

  • Be prepared for the changes you are now experiencing
  • Provide solutions that manage these changes with the pre-integrated capabilities of some of the best breeders.
  • This allows you not only to choose the right supplier, but also to quickly develop a solution adapted to your environment.
  • Create a fast POC in your area in just a few clicks and get into production quickly.

Here comes Composite Security, a revolutionary architectural extension of McAfee that tackles these chronic computer problems. In practice, this concept allows MVISION ePO (ePolicy Orchestrator) administrators to quickly and easily add security modules from different vendors to create first-class solutions for your specific needs. Users can create and reconfigure powerful, certified plug-and-play, cloud-based or local security solutions. With just a few clicks, you can add new features to your existing security infrastructure in minutes.

MVISION ePO now offers composite security functions. Let’s take a good look:

TheMVISION market offersvalue quickly and easily.

The era of monolithic and often inconsistent security solutions is over. We believe that customers need a network security architecture that can adapt quickly and deploy new tools, sensors and data from different but innovative solutions. When changes seem to happen overnight, as we have seen with the explosion in the number of people working at home because of Covid-19, leaders cannot afford the luxury of waiting until the next budget cycle to act. But with MVISION Marketplace, we make it easy for companies to develop their security infrastructure.

This new application market enables McAfee and its partners to provide customers with best-in-class pre-packed solutions. The market offers products that expand and improve McAfee solutions. The market is divided into easy-to-understand categories and offers tiles for each partner. Each integration is McAfee Certified, which means that McAfee has certified the integration with that partner.

By clicking on a tile, you can see and understand the value of each integration. If you see something you like, click on it and try it out. At this stage, pre-integration makes the combined value proposition easy to understand. The idea is that customers quickly feel the value before they make a decision.

When you use our partners on the MVISION Marketplace, you can not only improve the security architecture, but also increase your team’s responsiveness to threats in real time and spend less time integrating tools.

We have worked closely with many partners to create this market. These composite solutions are sourced from leading companies in their fields, including Attivo Networks, IBM Security, Seclore, Service Now, Siemplify and ThreatQ. Their certified solutions expand the capabilities of existing security environments, both in the cloud and on-premise. This new ability to combine and match requests solves an infinite number of urgent business problems. It helps organizations overcome technology, time, regulatory and resource constraints in minutes rather than hours, days or weeks.

Attivo, in collaboration with McAfee, offers the best end-point solution in the industry. The Attivo blog explains how McAfee + Attivo work better together for customers.

Seclore, in cooperation with McAfee, offers the best solution for information security in the industry. Read their blog to find out how McAfee + Seclore works best for clients.

ThreatQuotient, Swimlane and Siemplify, in partnership with McAfee, offer one of the best SOC solutions in the industry. Discover how ThreatQuotient, Swimlane and Siemplify are best suited for our McAfee customers.

Our market-leading Security Innovation Alliance program has created the largest integrated security ecosystem in the industry. We’re not done yet. You can expect us to add new partners soon. If at the same time you find a missing partner that you would like to have added to our list, please contact me.

With the new MVISION API customers can add their own innovations

We live in an era in which more security is automated and is not controlled by consoles. The goal of the MVISION API is to be a single interface for your out-of-console interactions with the McAfee portfolio. It’s a powerful feature that provides a single global web interface with unparalleled access to your McAfee portfolio. The goal is threefold:

  • Look what McAfee sees: When McAfee controls are deployed in your IT infrastructure, McAfee products begin to detect security events; they detect devices, see users accessing resources, see endpoint processes, see network movements, see access to the cloud and see all files downloaded to the cloud. The same visibility is guaranteed by this API.
  • You know what McAfee knows? When it comes to threat information, McAfee has a thorough knowledge of what is good, bad, suspicious and not suspicious. All this is available for your McAfee check and is displayed as alerts or reputation of files, URLs, etc. If you are a curious CSR analyst, you can expand your knowledge by doing research or learning about the campaign. The bi-directional Know-API is designed to give you access to this type of information.
  • Do what McCafee can do: McAfee is market leader in the organisation of security systems. Fifteen years ago, McAfee launched the most popular orchestration product in the industry, the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO). This knowledge and strength is now available through the IPY of the Ministry of Defence. You can now use the DO API to organize and automate the McAfee portfolio in the same way you used the EPO.

At startup, the API is configured with an Open EDR solution that allows customers to expand and enhance MVISION EDR.  Most applications are related to the need for CIO analysts to create roadmaps, manage cases, find the CIO, synchronize incidents and make intelligent additions to the huge amount of control we provide for visibility.

We have very ambitious plans. So look at this room, how fast we’re going.

What is a market without developers?

The opening of the MVISION Developer Portal to all innovators using the MVISION API enables application developers and ISVs to create public or private applications. This portal for application developers enables them to create, test and certify their applications before they are made available on the MVISION Marketplace or to customers who develop and implement their private applications.

I assume that startups will use the MVISION API to develop their innovations based on McAfee products. In fact, we encourage and motivate them to market and deliver their innovations together with McAfee products to our customers.


Of course, organisations can also create various custom applications via the MVISION API in the MVISION Developer Portal. The only limit is your own creativity. You can create new intelligent applications, automate running processes, integrate SIEM, create an OT extension or just sit back and enjoy the complete dashboard that tracks your security posture.

Compound MVISION EPO safety improvements: simple and fast

Together, these capabilities form a comprehensive security platform that enables McAfee and its ecosystem to provide customers with pre-integrated, cost-effective solutions. This is a big step forward that will make your job easier.  Now it only takes a few minutes to add new features with just a few clicks.

See for yourself at and  I hope you find this feature set useful and I invite you to share your ideas on how to improve it. And don’t be shy. Send me a message at javed_hasa[email protected] to tell me what improvements you would like to see.

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