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On Tuesday evening, President Donald Trump fired Chris Krebs, director of the Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

On Tuesday evening, President Donald Trump fired Chris Krebs, director of the Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), just days after CISA declared the recent presidential election the safest in American history.

On Twitter that day, the president justified his suspension for cancer:

Chris Krebs’ recent statement on the security of the 2020 elections was very imprecise because of massive irregularities and fraud – including dead votes, exclusion of observers from polling stations, malfunctions in voting machines, …

…the votes from Trump to Biden, the subsequent votes and more. As a result, Chris Krebs was immediately dismissed as director of the Agency for Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security.

Donald Trump announces the release of Chris Krebs on Twitter.

Krebs responded cordially to his release:

It’s an honor to serve. We did everything right. Fight back today, Vault Tomorrov. #Shooters2020

Chris Krebs responds to the cancellation of his personal Twitter account.

For almost a month, ICAR, led by Krebs, fought the rumours about the American presidential elections on a website launched by the agency on 20 March. October under the name Rumor Control has officially started. The site has grown considerably in terms of popularity and often comes first in terms of traffic. It is owned and operated by the Ministry of National Security, where ICAR is based.

As part of the rumour programme, an evaluation of the electoral facts for cyber security and the lack of cyber security was carried out. The most recent statements on the website are

  • Reliable guarantees, including campaigning and verification procedures, help to ensure the accuracy of official election results.
  • Keeping the electoral roll up to date and other measures to ensure the integrity of the elections protect the deceased from voting illegally.
  • The announcement of election results may be slower than in previous years. This does not mean that there are problems with the counting process or the results. The official results are not confirmed until all valid ballot papers, including those counted after election night, have been counted.

Despite the fact that Krebs felt the President’s anger, he and KISA were far from alone in assessing the safety of the elections.

Earlier this week, 59 election security researchers and information technology experts issued a joint letter rejecting the president’s latest statements on election fraud.

We are aware of the alarming allegations that the 2020 elections were rigged to exploit technical shortcomings. However, in all cases known to us, these accusations are either unfounded or technically unrelated, the panel said in a letter posted on the Internet. As far as we know, no credible evidence has been provided to support the conclusion that the results of the 2020 elections have changed in any state as a result of a technical compromise.

In addition, 16 federal prosecutors specifically charged with exposing election fraud reported to Attorney General William Barr last week that they had found no such evidence.

Despite this growing body of evidence, the cancer was expected to disappear. According to an exclusive Reuters report released last week, Krebs told several of his staff that he expected to be fired after his agency refused to remove factual information from the control of rumors, as requested by the White House:

According to one person, the White House was particularly angry at its position in ICAR and rejected the conspiracy theory, which falsely claimed that the supercomputer and intelligence program, allegedly called the Hammer and the Scorecard, could express national voices. Such a system does not exist, according to Krebs, an election security expert and former American civil servant.

A bipartisan selection of congressmen and a handful of cyber security researchers mourned Krebs’ resignation.

Matt Blaze, election security expert and director of IT and the law at Georgetown McDevitt University, told Twitter that protecting our national infrastructure is a vital and extremely difficult task that Chris Krebs has performed with extraordinary integrity and skill.

Laying him off, especially so suddenly, has made our country less safe, eruption said.

Nebraska’s American Republican Senator Ben Sasse said the same thing: Chris Krebs has done a very good job – as you will hear from civil servants all over the country – and of course he should not be fired.

Democratic representatives Benny Thompson of Mississippi and Lauren Underwood of Illinois, who chair the National Security Committee and the Subcommittee on Cyber Security, Infrastructure Protection and Innovation respectively, have made much harsher statements.

The fact is that since election day, President Trump has tried to delegate the election results through a campaign of misinformation that could undermine public confidence in our elections for generations, according to the joint statement. Director Krebs put national security above politics and refused to use his position to carry out the president’s orders, so the president fired him.

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