Games Like Overwatch | 6 Best Alternatives in 2020

Overwatch – an online multiplayer FPS (first-person shooter) game has significantly increased its popularity worldwide. It is impossible to talk about multiplayer games without mentioning Overwatch.

Blizzard Entertainment released this creative game. In case you don’t know: Overwatch is a Hero team shooting game set up in the nearest country. Each game is a 6-on-6 battle between unique heroes.

Although everyone is tired of playing the same game over and over again, and Overwatch is no exception. Are you tired of the Overwatch game and would you like to try another game?

There are many games that look like agility games for a change, but they require new skills. We bring in the best games, like Overwatch, that don’t require new skills to play.

Best games like opening in 2020:

Top of the legend

The platform: PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One

The price: Free of charge.

Apex Legends is a free multiplayer fighting game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Art. The legends of Apex are teamwork and coordination, just like with Overwatch.

Each character in this game called Legend has his own unique ability to stand out in his team. It has a traditional FPS game with crazy graphics.

In this game there are a total of 60 players in a team of three countries on the island. One of the team leaders decides where he lands.

Next, players must look for weapons and supplies to fight against other players. In the meantime, the playing field is gradually getting smaller. And the last team will win the match live.

And yes, we see that this is the number one Overwatch game you have to play on your computer.

Key features of the legends:

  • Impressive graphics
  • Strategic battle royal game
  • Innovative wrestling
  • Different characters with different capacities
  • Signs are not exposed to damage from falling.
  • The map is simple and easy to read
  • A player can resurrect his fellow players if they are killed.
  • Different maps available
  • New regimes
  • Earn more XP with Happy Hour
  • Permanent special events
  • Regular seasons

The legends of the apex: Official reference / Amazon

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The platform: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360.

The price: Free of charge.

Brink is a first-person shooter at Bethesda Softworks, which focuses on movement in the style of Parkour, and one of the best games such as Overwatch.

Brink has an integration with Steamworks, a digital distribution platform for video games developed by Valve Corporation.

The Brink online multiplayer server supports up to 16 players. Players must play together or against AI-bots.

Different character classes for the choice of doctor, soldier, engineer and surgeon, which makes them special in their team.

Brink is based on faction. It takes place in the middle of the 21st century. It took place on an artificial, ecological and economically self-sufficient floating island called the Ark.

Decades later, the ark now exists in complete isolation and has lost all contact with the outside world due to global warming.

The guards of the ark get an extra water ration. Thus began the war between the resistance and the safety of the Ark.

Main characteristics Brink:

  • XP allows the player to buy different skills for each character.
  • Setting up a heavy character and a heavy weapon.
  • A unique artistic style and a combination of single and multiplayer mode.
  • Brink works via SMART (Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain). This movement creates a new experience.

Brink: Official announcement / Steam / Amazon

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Battleborne (My favorite games as supervisor)

The platform: Microsoft Windows, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

The price:  Windows PC ($3.99), PS4 ($6.47), Xbox One ($6.99)

Battleborn is another online first-person shooter that will remind you of Overwatch. Battleborn – multiplayer game with 25 heroes.

Each character in the game had unique skills and abilities that could make him or her special on the team. Battleborn also has a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) element that will blow your mind.

Battleborn is very similar to Overwatch in gameplay, so we can say that this game is similar to Overwatch.

As the characters defeat their enemies and perform other tasks, they gain more power and unlock more features in single and multiplayer modes.

The game takes place at the home of the Jennerite Imperial leader Lothar Randyne, who has begun to destroy all the stars in the universe.

The captain of the UPR (United Republic of Tanzania) has formed an alliance to protect the last star. And the story continues when the tasks are completed.

Main features of Battleborne:

  • Different multiplayer modes : Catch, insert, sort and attack frontally.
  • Includes a 5v5 multiplayer mode.
  • Each hero has a unique strength and a unique weapon.
  • Fashion history with collaboration and solo.
  • Battleborne includes several progression systems.

Victims: Official announcement / Steam / Amazon

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Fortress crew 2

The platform: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

The price: Play for free

Team Fortress 2 is an online multiplayer team game from Valve Corporation. The game has 9 characters, each of which can be chosen according to their own preferences.

The sniper figure is reminiscent of Hanzo van Overwatch, and Scout also looks like a tracker.

Team Fortress 2 is a coordinated team game. Players must choose one of the characters and fight with the other team, using your team as an interceptor.

Nine symbols: Sniper, scout, pyrotechnician, soldier, engineer, doctor, heavyweight, spy and demon, who had different skills. The team of Fortress 2 is a big fan and has a huge player base.

Command Forces Main Features 2:

  • Strategic team play.
  • Different characters with different capacities.
  • Voice chat features for communicating with team members.
  • Competitive game modes.

Commando Fort 2: Official announcement / Steam / Amazon

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The platform: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

The price: Free of charge.

Paladins play free in the online game Heroes Shooter, published by Hi-Rez Studios. Paladins is a game that is very similar to Overwatch in gameplay. Although there is some difference between Paladins and Overwatch.

The paladins offer the possibility to adjust the symbol with the map function. The Paladins have a more important card to play than the Watcher. You’ll love this game if you like cartoons.

The game takes place in the imaginary world of Dungenponk. The game offers different characters that you can select during the game session.

In the Master Game they were recruited to reduce the number of casualties of regular infantrymen. Masters are considered special forces.

But not all champions are loyal, so the history of the game revolves around the Paladins. So do not forget to try to play these games as an interceptor.

Paladin’s Principal characteristics:

  • Strategy is at the heart of the game.
  • Different characters or champions are available.
  • Unique game modes: Siege, manslaughter, deadly team play, files.
  • In-App purchases contain interesting things.

Paladins: Official announcement / Steam / Amazon

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Dirty Bomb (the newest games like Overlords)

The platform: Microsoft Windows

The price: Free of charge.

Dirty Bomb is another game that resembles Overnouching in gameplay and style. It came out with splash damage, but the developers’ support for the game was over.

Although the Dirty Bomb has features that will appeal to you. Emphasis is placed on teamwork and communication. The realistic theme of Dirty Bomb is different from that of Overwatch.

The game takes place in the devastated city of London after a radiological attack. Symbols indicating Mercedes (mercenary) must perform tasks. Every mercenary has a

The characteristics and different skills that place them in the role of the interceptor in the game. Players must choose one of the 20 ADC Mercs or Jackal.

The game is slow compared to the night. Dirty Bomb has some new aspects, but you play better than you think.

Main characteristics of the dirty bomb:

  • Completely free.
  • Realistic graphics.
  • Different characters with different capacities and skills.
  • Three modes: Tasks, execution, stopwatch.
  • Players can align and unlock new items based on their experience and credits.

Dirty bomb: Official link / Steam

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Endwords for games such as Overwatch:

Overwatch is an unusual game, and there’s no uncertainty about it. In the unlikely event that Overwatch becomes boring for you. Choose one of the games from the list above and try new games.

In any case, all games can be filled in this position as an alternative to Overwatch. You can also create links to your favourite games, such as Overwatch.

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