How to Change Android’s Wallpaper Based on the Time of Day

Automatic wallpaper changer for Android

Do you know how to change your Android background depending on the time of day? You can give your Android smartphone a new look by changing the background – one of the easiest ways. If you want to go to the next level, you can set the wallpaper to change automatically throughout the day.

If you quickly get tired of your phone wallpaper, it can be annoying to waste time replacing it. You have more options than scrolling through an endless list of backgrounds. Read the article to the end to find out how to install it.

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Ways to place the wallpaper on your Android

To save you the trouble, you can use a background change app to automatically change the background on your Android phone. You never know, maybe you’ll find a picture you can’t find. The following applications will give you new wallpaper every few minutes or every day.

You can use different methods to achieve this. The first option is to access and use the online wallpaper application, which changes automatically depending on the time of day. The second method requires a little more customization, but also allows the use of certain images. You will discover these two methods in this post:

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For using Live Wallpaper on your Android device

In this tutorial we will use applications that are living wallpapers, i.e. that change dynamically instead of appearing as a simple static image. Before we look at applications, let’s learn how to set up a live wallpaper on your Android phone:

This method will be similar for most Android devices and tablets. However, depending on the home screen launcher you use and the manufacturer of your mobile device, the appearance is a little different. Follow the instructions below to get started.

  1. Go to the home screen of your Android device, touch and hold an empty spot.
  2. In the shortcut menu, click Background styles and Image.
  3. The selection of wallpapers is different depending on the manufacturer of the launcher and the device, but there should be a section for online wallpapers.
  4. Select the online background application you want to use.
  5. The preview of the live background image opens. If there are configuration options,
  6. Select the gear icon to visit the parameters
  7. Then in the settings, tap the Set Background or Apply option.
  8. Normally you have the option to set a background image, either on the Home screen only, on both locks, or on the Home screen.

Touch and hold an empty space. Click on Style and Wallpaper. Click on Live Wallpaper. Select the Live Wallpaper application. Tap the equipment icon, and then tap Set Background.

Touch the Home Screen or Home Screen and lock the screen.

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Live wallpaper for your day

There are many live wallpaper applications for your Android device in the Google Play store that you can install and change depending on the time of day or even the weather. Below are some applications you can try now.

Forest Live Wallpaper Application:

It is an application that shows a minimalist forest with mountains in the background and the weather in real time. You can also choose from different themes, depending on the season. If you really want to be individual, you can even choose colours for the earth, the mountains and the trees.

Three stacks of forest landscapes on smartphones in the Forest Live Wallpaper app.

YoWindow application:

This is a weather application that also has a live wallpaper function. You can choose from different types of landscapes, some with movement. The weather changes depending on your location.

Three landscapes and local weather in the Yowindow application.


This great and beautiful name IFTT (in the case of This Then That) is much more than just a wallpaperswitching app that allows you to set all kinds of triggers for your smartphone to perform different actions. For example, you can have your phone notify you when announcements appear on eBay, or notify you when certain messages appear simply by pressing a key or using voice commands.

Once the IFTT application is synchronized with your social media accounts, you can have your background changed to an updated image on one of your favorite IG images, or set up a carousel when a new image folder is uploaded to your family Dropbox account.

To change the wallpaper at any given time

The online wallpaper programs mentioned above change automatically throughout the day. However, if you want more control, you can use an application called Wallpaper Changer.

It allows you to select a specific background to use at any given time of the day. You can use it to change the wallpaper every day, every morning and evening, or every few hours. In our example we will change the background image four times, depending on the time of day.

Go to the Google Play store download site and install the wallpaper changer on your Android device.

Touch or touch Set.

  • You need to set it to change during the day before setting up Wallpaper Changer as your live wallpaper.
  • To do this, launch the application on your Android phone or tablet and select the checkbox next to Change Wallpaper.
  • Click on the drop-down arrow and choose a time interval if you don’t want to be too specific. To set a certain time, select the plus sign (+) in the lower right corner of the Edit tab.
  • Make sure the radio button next to the Time option on the Event Card is selected, as well as every 7 days of the week. Press to change the time to 7 hours.
  • In the preview, under Action, select the Next background image radio button.
  • Go back to the Edit tab and select the plus sign (+) again. This time set the time to 10:00 and then click on Next Wallpaper.

Press the plus (+) sign. Change the time. Select Next wallpaper. and change the time to 10:00.

Feel free to choose the moment you prefer. Let’s repeat this process until we have created events for 7, 10, 11, 16 and 18 hours. All 4 must have the following background image as action.

Four times.

  • Next, we select the images to be used for the background image. Click on the Albums tab and check the Standard Album box.
  • Select the plus (+) sign in the lower right corner to add photos to the album.
  • Click on the option Add image

Tap Albums, and then select the Default albums check box. Touch the plus sign. Touch Add Picture.

  • You must allow the application to access and use your media, photos and files; select Allow to continue.
  • Select all the photos you want to add to the album. Note that the order of the photos in this folder corresponds to the order in which they are moved.
  • When you have added all the images, select the backward arrow in the top left corner.

Press the Allow button. Select the images you want to add. Touch the arrow.

  • We are now ready to install the application as live wallpaper. Select the orange message above.
  • The Live-alpaper preview screen is displayed. Sélectionnez Installer un fond d’écran ou Appliquer.
  • By default, the request is settled at 1. Accede to the image in the file and use it. If this is not what you need for the moment, navigate to a new album by default and select an appropriate image.
  • Cliquez sur Définir comme fonds d’écran et l’ordre des images sera ajusté.
  • C’est tout! The application will now run through the images you have selected at the time you have selected.

Touchez le message orange. Cliquez sur Installer un fond d’écran. First of all, select the image you would like to project.

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Here are a few of the questions that could be of interest to you.

Comment Changing the fund of electricity in function of the time of the day iphone

To change or personalise the source of electricity in function of the time of day on your iPhone. However, you can go into the world of automation and create a new automation where you can select the day and time as a declaring act. Then it should be activated every day at the same time or every weak day (e.g. every day at 9:00 a.m.) and automatically change the wallpaper for you.

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How to customize your Android wallpaper

In order for the Live application to automatically change the background, you need to go to the settings of the application. Click on the General tab and switch to the Automatic background image editing tab. You can also select the source from which the application gets the wallpaper.

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Change the background image according to the time of day 10

In the Desktop image window, select the Browse button to the right of Image Location and then select the background folder. Select the desired background images and then activate the Synchronized slide show function from the Change Image drop-down menu.

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To set a background that changes with the iPhone tag

The AutoWall, developed by Julio Verne, allows you to install a dynamic background on your iPhone or iPad over time – perfect for integrating the valuable functionality of MacOS Mojave with the iOS platform.

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