How to Customize the Safari Homepage on macOS

Surprisingly, Apple released Safari 14 before the fall version of MacOS Big Sur. Safari 14 is a big step forward for Apple, with a redesigned toolbar, translation capabilities and new privacy features. In addition, one of the most notable new features of the latest version of Safari is the inclusion of a customizable home page. In the old Safari there were only a few browser shortcuts and not many others, but today there are many configuration options available. Let’s look at all the new things.

Change the background of the homepage

Adding a background to your home page or wallpaper isn’t the most exciting part, but Safari is a few years behind most competitors in this field. Apple offers ten default options and lets you choose any default image.

1. First click the Settings icon in the lower right corner and make sure that the checkbox next to the background image is selected.

2. When this box is checked, you will see ten default options below and an empty box with a + sign.

3. Select one of the default options or click on the + sign, which launches the Finder and allows you to find a new image of your choice on your hard drive.

4. If you prefer to use a photo from the Photos application, you can do the same. Open the Photos application, find the photo you want to use,

and then drag it somewhere on the Safari homepage. The browser changes the image automatically.

Select your sections

Originally, Safari offers 14 different options when you open a page for the first time. Anyone, from favorites to Siri’s offers and the playlist, can fill the page. If you appreciate simplicity and want the homepage to stay on your path, this can be too much. Fortunately, Apple allows you to limit the number of partitions displayed. First, click the Settings icon again and select/select the available options:

  • The favorites: Sites that you have already added as favorites or that you will add in the future.
  • Often visited: Websites you regularly visit or have recently visited. This list is updated on the basis of your surfing behaviour, so that new websites may appear frequently.
  • Data protection report : This is the result of Apple’s ongoing efforts to protect the privacy of its users. With this in mind, this summary provides a report on people who have been refused to follow you online.
  • Siri’s proposals: Sites in the news, mail or other places that may be useful to read later in your book list.
  • Playlist : Sites or web pages you choose to save and read later.
  • Background image: it is already mentioned in the section above, but it is possible to choose the background of the home page.

Labels can change your home page

Another quick and easy way to change the view of the home page is to use shortcuts. Using the Settings icon is a quick way to make changes, but if you want to go even faster, use shortcuts. It’s as simple as right-clicking an external mouse or trackpad. Find the free space on the Safari homepage. Right-click to see a range of options, selected or not. Here you can quickly and easily decide what to put on the homepage. It’s a quick way to add or lose a spot on the homepage of Safari 14.


For those who want the ability to customize their browser, these new additions to Safari 14 are welcome. There’s no doubt that the other browsers arrived first, but it’s nice to see Apple opening up.

That’s what it looks like:

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