How to Fix Error 0x803f7001 For System Activation in Windows 10?

Usually the error code 03F7001 appears when an error occurs during the activation or upgrade process of Windows 10. Since Microsoft changed the Windows 10 activation process, errors have occurred in the Windows 10 activation process. Error 03f7001 indicates an error in the Windows 10 activation or upgrade process when connecting to Microsoft servers for validation.

Previously, it was easy to activate any version of the window using the product keys. But now, thanks to Microsoft’s Digital Property Update, there are methods to activate Windows without a product key. The digital feature also allows you to switch from Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 to Windows 10. Since then, many user forums have reported errors that cause this error.

What is the cause of the Windows 10 03f7001 error?

This error is mainly due to defects caused by the following reasons:

  • 03f7001 Error during hardware update. This may be a possible error, because after a hardware change an incorrect configuration may occur in the Windows settings.
  • The activation of Windows 10 failed because this camera has no valid digital rights.
  • SLUY doesn’t work. Since the activation of Windows 10 with SLUI is one of the most popular and free methods to activate Windows 10, but if an error occurs in the steps or the correct configuration, error 03F7001 will be displayed.

Methods for correcting the Windows 10 activation error 03f7001

1. Waiting for an error

The most important thing is to wait for the error to go away on its own. When Microsoft Support investigated this error, it was reported that the Windows 10 error code 03f7001 was resolved by a correct connection to the Microsoft database. Also note that error 03f7001 may appear suddenly after hardware updates such as B. the motherboard may occur. However, after a few days of use, the error disappears by itself.

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Because Microsoft’s terms of use are identified by both the Windows operating system and hardware identification, Windows 10 may display an error. This is because Windows artificially believes that there is a violation of the license terms with Microsoft. This process usually takes a day or two, so please wait until the problem disappears before you try anything else.

2. Use another Windows 10 product key

Normally, after activating Windows 10 with product codes, the user can receive the Activation Failed error message because the unit does not have a valid digital right or product code. Error code : 03F7001. This error usually means that the product key used for activation is not valid. In this case, the user must replace the product key with a new one and check the windows again.

Follow these steps to change the Windows 10 product code:

  1. Go to Settings and open Update and Security Settings.
  2. Click on the Windows activation screen,
  3. Click on the Change Product Code tab and click YES when prompted.
  4. Replace the product key with a new one.
  5. After you receive a message that you have entered a valid device key, all you have to do is restart PC
    (message that you have activated Windows 10).

3. Activate Windows 10 from your phone

Normally, window error 03f7001 appears due to an erroneous numerical property report. There is also another method you can use to activate Windows 10 from your smartphone. The user can now easily activate the latest windows with the SLUI process at the same time as the mobile phone. Follow these steps to activate Windows from your mobile phone;

  1. Open the RUN toolbar by pressing the Windows button at the same time as the R button. command.
  2. Type SLUI 4 and press Enter,
  3. Enter your country or region to solve error 03f7001.
  4. Choose your country and region,
  5. Call the toll-free number displayed on the screen for your region.
  6. Follow the instructions and share the Windows Product ID and Windows Activation Key you have. Provide a customizable generic phone.
  7. Now wait for the answer that confirms identity.
  8. Enter the activation ID and click on the Activation tab.

4. Updating Windows 10 of previous versions.

The simplest and oldest way to solve problems or errors related to activation in Windows 10. Updating Windows 10 with Windows 7 or Windows 8 is the traditional method. The user only needs to install and activate an earlier version of Windows. After the activation process, users can easily upgrade to Windows 10 via the Windows 10 Upgrade process.


Error code 03f7001 is essentially the cause of an error in the Windows activation process. You can solve this problem with real Windows 10 product keys, or contact the toll-free number to obtain a valid activation code. We hope that the methods we have listed will solve your problem. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please let us know in the comments below.

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