How to Reduce Network Jitter •

We were all on the highway when the cars refused to assemble and several cars tried to get stuck in the same room at the same time. Smooth traffic turns into chaos.

The same scenario occurs on a computer network where the data packets arrive at irregular intervals under the same IP address.

Networks are generally based on the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), which guarantees delivery and ensures that packets not received at the other end are sent in the same order.  This ensures that the information provided in a file format is meaningful.

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However, the use of the Real Time Protocol (RTP), which is used for video conferencing and streaming media, is not possible due to time constraints.  Packages are eventually lost on the road, causing the network to become jittery, which negatively affects the network in several ways. For example, if you are in the middle of a conference call with an important client, the video may become pixellated and continue, or corporate VoIP calls may be skipped and part of the call may be lost.

It is not surprising that this experience is unpleasant for users and can have a number of negative consequences for your company: reduced employee satisfaction, reduced productivity and even increased staff turnover, reduced customer satisfaction, potential loss of customers and, consequently, impact on profitability.

What causes jitter?

Jitter is the result of any problem that affects the ability of packets to reach their destination in the correct order, such as limited bandwidth, delay and packet loss.  For example, if a network has a bandwidth of 10 Mbps and tries to send more data, the system will drop packets.

How do you solve network jitter?

Network optimization Once the cause of the network jitter has been identified, solutions, which may include packet formers or WAN optimization devices, can be applied to reduce the negative impact on your business.

Simple solutions include

  • Increase available bandwidth
  • Choose to work on a fixed Ethernet network instead of a Wi-Fi network.
  • If Wi-Fi is the only option, reduce the number of devices working on the same channel.
  • Refuse to transfer large data files during VoIP sessions

Network monitoring

But if you want to keep an eye on the problem and prevent it from affecting your daily operations, network monitoring tools are essential. Installing network monitoring tools can alert IT professionals to issues that need to be addressed to prevent jitter.  Special tools such as IR, SolarWinds VoIP and Network Quality Manager are designed to provide data on service quality and WAN performance.  These tools provide high quality troubleshooting, Cisco VoIP Gateway, and visual tracking of VoIP calls.  Other functions include accelerated automatic initialization, automation of workflow and reduction of control complexity.

A well-designed network jitter monitoring application will be able to accurately monitor all VoIP calls and Call Detail Records (CDRs) and allows IT professionals to identify indicators such as peak and current jitter and quantify the quality and performance of VoIP traffic.

Algorithms, such as those used in Skype, are designed to solve this problem by compressing and decompressing data to make it smaller and easier to transfer and to avoid problems such as high latency networks.

Conferences that depend on a well-functioning network will appreciate how well VoIP works in important negotiations.  With the growing use of Covid-19 for video communications worldwide, tackling jitter has quickly become a critical requirement for IT or telecommunications professionals in any company or government department.

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