How to Undervolt CPU to Reduce Temperature and Increase PC Performance

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The more complex the tasks you perform on your PC, the hotter your processor will be. This is especially noticeable when playing games or editing large videos. However, your processor may overheat if it is poorly ventilated or if its thermal connection is worn out. Fortunately, there are excellent tools that can be used to reduce high temperatures and energy consumption through a process called reduced voltage.

What is low voltage?

Before you start, you have to ask yourself what exactly is going on.

In most cases, the factory settings of the processors are designed to provide the processor with more power than it actually needs. Excessive voltage and current cause the CPU to heat up, further reducing performance.

A reduced voltage is used to solve this problem. This is a simple process where the user uses special tools such as Throttlestop or Intel XTU to reduce CPU voltage while maintaining overall performance.

Turning off the power is not necessarily harmful to your processor, but if you do too much, your computer may become unstable. On the other hand, a power surge can damage the processor. However, if you use it wisely, you can overload your processor.

Non-blocking reduces the voltage/power supplied to the processor. The more powerful your processor is, the hotter it is. The less energy, the colder it gets.

The special thing about excitement is that it doesn’t affect overall performance, even during intense gaming sessions.

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How can the voltage of the CPUbe reduced?

  • First of all, we need tools for that. It’s software, and that software gives you tremendous control over your processor, and if you just click on random things, you can mess it up. In this lesson we’re going to look for something that’s locked and very safe.
  • The two most popular applications used by users are Intel XTU and Throttlestop. Both are free, both are good, but for beginners I would recommend XTU because it has all the basic components you really need.
  • This is XTU on the first charge. The complex numbers seem crazy, but most of them can be ignored.
  • First set up your graphical monitor to display 30 minutes of data. Test your CPU without adjustment to see what numbers you get.
  • This is an XPS 15 9560 laptop running on KB Lake 7700 HQ. During the stress test the processor worked quite hard, with periodic fluctuations and ups and downs in temperature when starting and stopping the fans. The highest temperature was 88 degrees and the coldest was about 76 degrees.
  • The correct way to properly remove the strip is to lower the voltage, perform a load test, then lower the voltage again and start again. In principle, the transformer is starving more and more.

If you don’t want Throttlestop to open manually every time you turn on Windows, you can choose to open it on Windows startup. For more information, see. In our Windows Task scheduler User Manual.

Low voltage with XTU

  • Go to Advanced Settings and click Core Power Correction on the Core tab (2). You want to scroll to zero to display negative numbers. Don’t forget we live here, so you want to choose a negative tension and make changes.
  • 50 millivolt undervoltage means 0.050 volts. And since he’s still alive, the value is -0.050 volts.
  • During the load tests a maximum of 84 degrees is reached. Make sure that the system is always fully stable. We’re getting full clock speed, which indicates it’s a step in the right direction.
  • If you take a notch, you can reduce the voltage by 120 millivolt or -0.120 volts. I’m cheating here because I know that’s almost the limit for this particular processor. It will be necessary to gradually reduce and test a little, but for speed, I turn this knob by ten.
  • With this voltage reduction we get even lower temperatures, up to 77 degrees during the stress test and when the graph is activated, so the initial voltage reduction is a good 10 or 11 degrees unchanged.
  • If you reduce the voltage to -130 millivolt, it will freeze and may even turn blue. If this is the case, you have reached the voltage drop limit. Then restart the computer, return to the XTU and restore the last operating voltage.
  • To really test the stability, you have to perform something like Prime95 at night to make sure everything is in order. If this doesn’t take all night, raise your blood pressure.
  • All processors are different, so I can’t say exactly where to start. However, I recommend that you look at your specific processor or laptop and see what other users have achieved with this hardware and use it as a quick starting point.

With this method I’ve lowered the temperature of my processor in games from almost 90° C to a less alarming 70° C to 75° C. That’s about all you can do to change the processor temperature in Windows.

If you still have problems, open your computer and apply the thermal paste to the processor or remove the dust.

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