Linux Lite – An Easy to Use Free and Fast Linux Distro

Linux Lite is a simple, fast and free open source operating system designed to make the transition from Windows to Linux as smooth as possible. It is based on the Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS) version series with an intuitive and intelligent design approach on a familiar Windows-like desktop. Of course you can set up your favourite office environment if you like.

Linux Lite 5.2 is considered to be the most complete and versatile version of Linux Lite ever released. It is based on Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS and Linux 5.4, with a focus on lower-end computers.

Installing, configuring and upgrading Linux Lite

Linux Lite is easy to configure using the GUI-based installation wizard available in the ISO image file. The preparatory steps for a clean installation consist of obtaining a bearing handle with sufficient storage capacity and a machine with sufficient requirements.

Installing Linux Lite

The configuration is as simple as A, B, C, and here you can set the language, confidentiality agreement, network and applications. Updating your system is just two clicks away and you can set update notifications to appear automatically.

Configuration of Linux Lite


Worried about the installation requirements? You need a processor of at least 1 GHz, 768 MB RAM and 8 GB RAM. For an optimal user experience, we recommend using a minimum 1.5 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM and 20 GB RAM.

Office environment

Linux Lite comes with the Xfce desktop environment. The ED is known for its lightness and user-friendliness. Like most desktop environments, it can be customized with icons and different themes. It has a user interface that is not unusual, even for new Linux users, and is regularly updated to improve performance.

Linux Lite XFCE Desktop

Standard applications

Linux Lite was created to ensure the smoothest possible transition between Windows and Linux distributions, following the Unix philosophy of choosing a program that does the same and does it right.

It includes several applications that Windows users are familiar with, such as Kodu, Skype, Steam, Spotify and a free Microsoft Office compatible office suite.

Linux-Lite Applications


Linux Lite is still based on the latest version of Ubuntu with long-term support, so it has inherited all the interesting features that do not need to be configured by the development team.

The App Store provides support for Snap applications and users can install applications from external sources if they need them but cannot find them in the App Store. Everything you can do with the Ubuntu App Store, you can usually do with Linux Lite.

Linux Lite App Store

What’s new in Linux Lite 5.2?

Users can now manage the Lite widget and firewall through the settings manager with the Lite widget, which provides a UI/UX similar to Conky. This allows you to view various system details and statistics in an elegant way on your desktop.

Detailed information about using the Linux-Lite system

Linux Lite 5.2 comes with a number of additional features requested by the community, such as customizable taskbar retrieval, improved GRUB startup menu interface, more wallpapers and more screensavers.

Appearance of Linux Lite

Adobe Flash support is now obsolete and has been completely removed from the Linux Lite installer. To maximize the size of the ISO image file, several GTK2 themes have been removed.

Speaking of themes, Adapta is the new default window theme with Papirus as the default icon. For the font of the system, the Google Robot Font Policy applies by default.

Linux Lite Themes

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Finally, the Lite Software utility has been enriched with new applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Simple Screen Recorder.

Download Linux Lite 5.2

You can download Linux Lite 5.2 from ISDN and several official mirror sites. The standard ISO image is about 1.4 GB and you can simply flash it onto a memory card using your favorite boot program.

Download Linux Lite 5.2 (64-bit .iso)

Linux Lite 5.2 is the second installation of the Linux Lite 5 series, and we expect more changes in future releases, including bug fixes and feature requests.

This is the first time you’ve heard about Linux Lite, and you’re trying out this latest version? If you already know the cast, what do you think of this version compared to the others? And what changes are you interested in in future versions? Your suggestions and criticisms are welcome in the following discussion section.

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