Siemplify Joins MVISION Marketplace as an Inaugural Member and Preferred SOAR Partner: What This Means for You

From capturing the latest social media applications to landing on holiday, the online market trend is accelerating rapidly and even industries are changing. And the reason is simple: These inventory centres are useful and improve the experience of both buyer and seller.

In order not to lag behind, the markets have also become fashionable in a competitive security space as suppliers try to offer integrated expertise in different solutions. This is perhaps the most important in the field of Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR), as simplified alerts are required for security personnel using the various Infosec tools.

We are therefore very pleased to announce that McAfee, which launched its MVISION market on Thursday, has chosen Siemplify as its first SOAR partner and preferred supplier. As a result of this business collaboration, users of MVISION, a portfolio of cloud-based services that includes ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO), Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Extended Detection and Response (XDR), can use the latest SOAR technology, which includes out-of-the-box packages, at the touch of a button.

This news coincides with the announcement earlier this year that Siemplify is partnering with McAfee to make our SOAR product, the Siemplify security operations platform, available to McAfee customers directly from the well-known EPO.

Why SOAR and MVISION work so well together

Siemplify’s SOAR platform can now be made available on the MVISION market in just a few clicks.  On the market, MVISION customers can quickly discover what SOAR has to offer, with ready-made covers that make MVISION solutions shine. Safety workgroups in all sizes:

  • Enable shared users to combine MVISION alerts with alerts from other tools to create threat-targeted issues that speed investigation.
  • Create game-based responses that reduce the analyst’s time and effort to respond to individual alerts and reduce the number of manual actions for faster and more efficient research and response.
  • Automatic alarm sorting, search and restore of MVISION alarms.
  • Include hybrid cloud environments that are critical for security in growing hybrid cloud environments.

It is no secret that the SOAR solution is only as good as its interoperability. If you’re a McAfee customer, you won’t find a more integrated SOAR solution with ready-to-use packages that deliver added value and better business results.

To learn more about the Siemplify-McAfee relationship, you can download this joint solution sheet.

Dennis Shaya is Siemplify’s General Manager for North America.

Siemplify joins the MVISION market as a founding member and privileged partner of SOAR: For you, this means that Siemplify first appeared.

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