Strangers Wrath In Kentucky –

The dam is broken, and some new games are on their way to the Switch online store next Wednesday. Look at them all! We can’t stop them all:


Here are this week’s Nintendo downloads:

  • Nintendo eshop on the Nintendo Switch
    • Kentucky Highway Zero: TV Edition is a realistic and magical adventure game in five acts, Kentucky Route Zero: The TV edition contains a catchy electronic score and a number of anthems and bluegrass standards. In a striking visual style that draws as much from theatre, film and experimental electronic art as it does from the history of video games, it is a story of insolvent debts, abandoned futures and the human quest for community. Kentucky Highway Zero: The TV edition will be available from the 28th. Available in January.
    • Mosaic – Mosaic is a dark, surreal and atmospheric adventure game about urban isolation and the fear of being part of a giant machine you can’t understand. Solve puzzles in a meditative quest for self-discovery as you try to escape the control of a monolithic society.
    • It’s a crazy world: The Wrath of the Aliens – In the dusty, undeveloped wastelands of West Moodos, the Cantonese find their settlements besieged by warring outlaws. A stranger appears, a tall, dark and mysterious bounty hunter whose mission is to capture troublemakers and villains and bring them to civilized villages to capture them. This iconic episode of the Oddworld series is a fast-paced adventure that combines first and third person action.

Activities :

  • Print your own fancy covers for the hyper-styled game – To celebrate the #FE Encore Mirage Sessions in Tokyo, My Nintendo offers downloadable covers and wallpapers as rewards with My Nintendo Points*. Your office and media banks are now at risk…. is great!
  • Show your love for Nintendo Switch games with exclusive clothing – My Nintendo members can now buy new t-shirts and hoodies featuring designs from Nintendo Switch games such as Luigi’s Mansion 3, The Legend of Zelda: Connection Awakening and the Legend of Zelda : The breath of nature! Visit the Nintendo Shop to purchase these exclusive items.
  • Redeem my Nintendo Points for a seven-day trial of Nintendo Switch Online** – get ready to play online with friends and family. Redeem 100 of my Nintendo Platinum Points* and enjoy seven days of Nintendo Switch Online!

Sale of the Nintendo Online Shop :

  • Nintendo Online Shop on Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

Also new this week in Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo Switch :

Also new this week is the Nintendo Online Shop for Nintendo 3DS:

**Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) and a Nintendo account are required to use the features of the network. Not in every country. Internet access is required for online features. The terms and conditions apply.

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