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In our review of The Game Quick and Easy, what can be said about a very simple cooperative card game. In this title you play all fifty cards of the game on two discard stacks. The game consists of fifty cards, cards of five suits, numbered from 1 to 10 in each suit. Players must play at least one card that goes into one of these stacks per turn, otherwise the game is over. This is the case if you don’t have a double color and you can’t reset the plush. If you need something to get you to the table quickly and play lightly with others, this could be the title for you.

We looked at gaming fun, replayability, interaction with the player, quality, but also graphics and style to get an overall score for our evaluation of The Game Fast and Easy. See the breakdown by category below.

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Funny (7 of 10)

When it comes to gaming fun, we give a very good 7 out of 10 possible points in the Game Quick and Easy test. The original game was already a simple game, but this alternative stand-alone version is exactly what the name suggests, it is faster and easier. It’s nice, too, if you like. This game knows exactly what it is: the simplest and driest version of a simple and brilliant game mechanic. Almost like Uno or skipbo in the way the game is simple, but there is only one button that can change everything.

The idea is to put all the cards together. There are two stacks in the middle, one is always above and the other at the bottom. In each round you must play one or two cards from your hand that must fit into one of these stacks. If you play a 6, it must be higher than any number in the ascending stack to be placed there, or lower than a number that is, for example. B. is displayed on the descending stack. The cards are of one of the four suits, and the only way to break this necklace is by placing double suits. It’s something that’s clearly cut out, simple filling games are fun.

Repeatability (6 out of 10)

For the Playability section of our Quick and Easy game review, we give it a solid 6 out of 10. You can stop in 15 minutes. Installing, dismantling and playing is nonsense. This game is something simple and makes it incredibly easy to play. That’s why these types of games are called filling games, they are ready to fill any void at any time, and this game fills it like any other game.

But there are probably better cooperative card games. The original game (on which it is based) is one of them. The original title had already done the same thing to further confuse him. There must be a very specific reason that we cannot establish. So if you can only choose one, go for the original, but if in the end you can only choose this one, you’re in good hands. This game is just light, it’s a light version of easy, and if it’s slow, it can get a little stale.

Player interaction (6 of 10)

For the player interaction section, we gave it a good score of 6 out of 10 in our Quick and Easy game review. It’s a cooperative game, so it’s an important category. The way you work together is exactly how your success is measured. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, you can always make this link, but the original is better here. But it is not the game against the fast and easy game (to come). The interaction of the players in this game, although good, is insufficient given the key role they have to play in this type of game.

The way the interaction works is that you have to place cards that give your opponent the freedom to play something out of his hand after you leave. They still have no idea what they have and a pretty narrow spectrum, so who knows if it helps. The possibility to reset the same color should be useful. Says your neighbor: I have a valuable red card, and you put a red card in it for them to double it. It is promising and does not create a ton of paths or options. Again, this game is very relevant and should not be complicated, but there may be something else to do.

Quality (6 out of 10)

For the quality part of the quick and easy game review we give a solid 6 out of 10. They deserve praise for taking the game down so quickly and easily, and so far it has been a fun achievement. When you sit down and do the probability calculation, you’ll see that this task is just outside the line of the impossible, and the way you use the coloured cards puts the result of the game in your hands. Good points for balance. Full disclosure, we didn’t do it, we assume.

This game is about cards and nothing more. It is packed in as few boxes as possible and delivered to you in the most efficient and economical packaging. That’s exactly what should have been done and done right. It’s a great gift for the sock filler, and they’ve made something with a very interesting price tag that reflects that.

Art and style (6 of 10)

For the part Art and Style we give 6 good points out of 10 in our quick and easy game test. There isn’t much in this game, so it’s hard to say much, but they manage to include a nice unifying theme. All cards have fun and ugly skeletons. It’s nice to have something like this.


Quick and easy game overview |

If you are looking for a very simple cooperative filling game that still has some bite, then the Quick & Easy game is a good choice for you. Presented in a small box with a small price tag, the title is filled with quality gameplay. This Quick & Easy version of the award-winning original is a streamlined version that is as simple as possible, yet offers great gameplay. It is, and you can get in and out of this game in less than 20 minutes. Here is our review of the Quick and Easy game, we hope you enjoyed it!

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A full explanation of the evaluation criteria can be found here.

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