Tips and tricks to help increase sales conversions for your eCommerce Store

The Covid 19 pandemic and the new standard of social distance that followed led to unprecedented growth in the e-commerce industry.

It has become almost essential for any
company to have an online presence if it wants to survive in the
market. This creates a very fierce competition between e-commerce sites. It has become very difficult to run a profitable
online business. To stay ahead of your competitors and improve the performance of your website, a goodconversion rate becomes the decisive factor. But what is the conversion rate of
? The conversion rate refers to the speed at which you can move your
visitors into action, ultimately resulting in sales conversions.

This may include giving your customers a generic
email address when they register or click on
buy or sell offers for your product. Research of the Adobe 2020 Digital Index in the
report on consumer electronics and various other consumer products shows an average
conversion rate of 3%, indicating a significant difference between
traffic and sales conversions.

The growth of a company therefore requires a lot of planning and strategy to increase conversion rates.
Let’s look at some important points to consider increasing sales by

Good site design

  • A good website design and a well-structured
    user interface is undoubtedly one of the most important factors that can lead to
    sales conversion. The first thing to do is to ensure that the homepage is as attractive as possible for the customer.
  • The home page should be the place from which the user is seamlessly guided to the actions that will help the company with the conversion. Place the Call to Action (CTA) buttons on your
    landing or landing page in a visually visible and bold way to encourage your users to take specific
    actions that lead to the safe sale of your product.
  • Easy navigation on the site, easy access to the various
    pages and the information the customer needs are all elements that contribute to the
    user experience and help to engage your customer in a very positive
    way, increasing the chance of conversion.

On the other hand, poor navigation will frustrate your
customer because the information he needs is not easily accessible. This
causes the visitor to lose interest and gives a bad impression, the
is certainly the last thing the site needs.

  • Another important aspect to consider is the ease of the verification process. The quick and easy payment process fills the beautiful user interface of helping and encouraging through-customers to place multiple orders without any problems.
  • Try to make your website responsive and
    compatible with different gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets used by
    customers anywhere and with any gadget. This allows you to significantly improve the

Pay attention to product details and photos

It goes without saying that a good
presentation of your product, in the form of clear, high resolution
images, is a sure way to attract customers to your website. The customer, who cannot get to the
point of sale, is completely dependent on these
images to get a real impression of the product. With these images they can visually check the quality of the product and have confidence in their purchase.
That’s why a great deal of effort must be put into downloading high-quality images from multiple angles in order to provide the customer with an exceptional visual experience. The
zoom function for displaying product details enables the customer to get a more detailed and clearer picture of product
. In addition, an aesthetic and professional presentation of a product’s image can certainly play an important role in attracting customers and stimulating sales conversions.

It is just as important to provide complete information about the
product sold on the platform. This allows
customers to decide whether the product meets their needs and helps them make

SSL security

The security of e-commerce sites is of the utmost importance for the conversion rate of your site to
. Since
e-commerce sites process financial transactions, it is very important to secure important
credit card data, e-mail addresses and other customer registration data, which are seriously threatened by
online data hackers. Sensitive customer data can be misused and lead to significant financial losses for customers and site managers.
As customers become more and more aware of data security, offering a secure
online platform is becoming a must for any e-commerce site and one of the key factors affecting the
conversion rate. An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer
) certificate is the most effective solution for all your security needs. The
provides a safe and reliable path by providing authentication and encryption of
user data between the web server and the user’s browser.

There are three main types of SSL certificates:
DV SSL, OV SSL and EV SSL. Of these DV SSL certificates,
is the most popular with small businesses because it is cheap and allows basic validation of the
domain. EV SSL Certificates certify the authenticity of the domain and the
organisation, the legal status if it is currently in operation, and the address. Since EV SSL
can only be obtained after strict verification, it offers your e-commerce the highest level of security and confidence
, and
therefore leads to higher conversions.

Discounts and competitive offers

Another obvious but important factor in attracting customers is the availability of discounts and offers in a timely manner. Since most
customers shop online, it is easy for
customers to compare prices and make a decision based on those prices. So make sure that
discounts are the best on the market and that they are designed for
; they attract most people. An off-season discount can also help you stay ahead of your
competitors and increase your sales.

Customer support via live chat

The main concern of customers who buy a
product online is customer service. A
live chat gives them the certainty that they will be heard. This gives rise to the idea of immediate
customer support without the tedious process of sending
mail and waiting for the team to respond to their
problem. In the digital age, where everyone is so used to having everything at their fingertips at the push of the
button, it is a great advantage to have a
live chat available to customers for any questions.


Finally, it is important to take into account all the mentioned tips to gain the trust of
customers and improve the conversion speed of your
eCommerce site. If you can offer
your customers a safe and enjoyable user experience on your website,
competitive advantages or offers, excellent customer service, fast loading and
an efficient website, then all these features contribute to a complete
user experience, allowing your e-commerce site to reach a very high
conversion rate and take your business to new heights!

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