Top 10 Roblox Horror Games To Play In 2021

Roblox horror games. Yeah, I know you’re looking for the best games on Roblox. In this article we have listed some of the best and most popular Roblox horror games of 2021.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is an online gaming platform where you can play thousands of online games from your computer or mobile phone with a stable internet connection. But Roblox is not limited to playing online games, you can also create games here – it is a game creation system where developers design an online game and also play games created by other users.

List of Roblox horror games

We all like to play scary Roblox games with our friends and shout loudly or make wire sounds with our mouths to scare them away. Well, in this article we have collected some of the best Roblox horror games you can play with your friends. Yes, there are also multiplayer horror games on this list, so don’t worry.

1. Real backroom

If you want to explore the dark spaces of the backyards, this is one of the best scary games you can play. In this game you have to find out what is behind the walls or in the rooms close to you by using the touch light. The background of the game makes it more interesting.

This game certainly gives a feeling when you enter a dark room and explore other rooms in the house with a tap. The gameplay of Ture Backroom can be seen in the video below.

2. Piggyback operation

In this game, the pig is the villain or the monster. The aim of the game is to get you and your friends out of the bug trap created by the game developer as quickly as possible in order to survive in the game. Moreover, the game is too scary and too scary for you to enjoy it for sure.

Because you wanted to play the Treacherous Pig mode, it seems even more fun and creates excitement and paranoia because you are constantly looking for the new traitor among your comrades.


The name of the game already indicates that it is a mysterious game. The gameplay is based on the search for different types of puzzles, the role of the detective and the search for the killer. It’s a great game to play when you’re bored at home.  The background music of the game gives you goose bumps over the horror sounds.

4. Country house of horrors

Horror Mansion is one of the best roblox horror games in this game you have to get out of the mansion. The goal of the game is to get Evap out of the haunted house. In this game you will see dark rooms with scary sounds and to get life into the game, you have to leave the haunted house before it’s too late.

5. Scary Lift

Scary Elevator is the most popular in the list of multiplayer horror games. In this case you should explore the floors of the building using the elevator. The gameplay of Scary Elevator is based on elevator survival. In addition, you can also purchase certain in-game items with coins.  So the game is to determine how many floors you will survive.

6. Notification of death

An obituary is a remarkable thing to write an obituary. Simply put, the principle of the suicide note in this game is that you have a notebook on which you can write the name of your friend or the purpose and cause of death. What they are going to experience at a certain time and place in the game.

7. Summoning the mind

Ghost Hunt is based on an online ghost hunt at Morsburgh Psychiatric Hospital. This is where you have to find your way out of the building before the ghost catches you. In the darkroom you only have the feeling that you are finding the right direction for the exit of the hunt.

8. Silence of death

The dead silence creates an atmosphere of horror with the story. Mary Shaw is a long story, her appearance attracts a lot of consciousness and mystery. If you’re unlucky enough to run into Mary Shaw, don’t cry. As a detective, you have to put the myth aside. Does Mary Shaw really exist? What happens if she gets caught? It’s for me.

9. Labyrinth

A maze for explorers who want to explore dark places without being so easily frightened or frightened. The game has been played 50 million times on Roblocks so far. The background noise of the game is also scary and makes the player shiver and vibrate. This is one of the best multiplayer horror games on Roblox.

10. Clown kills revived

This is an amazing Roblox horror game that offers an immersive experience. The gameplay of this scary game is based on a clown who chases the players and sometimes defends himself, just like the hunters. You have to save your friends from the clown using the items available in the game. The game is great if you play it with your friends.

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Wrap it up!

All of the above Roblox horror games are the best to have an exciting experience when you’re bored at home. If you have any suggestions we can add to these Roblox Scary Games, don’t forget to let us know via the comment field.

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