Top 10 UPI Payment Apps List 2021 for Fast & Instant Payments

If you want to know the best and most powerful UPI applications for fast and direct payments, and if you also want to know the top 10 UPI applications for direct payments, then you are in the right place to get UPI applications for faster transactions on your mobile devices. In this article you will also find sites like Bookzz and BookFI Alternatives, which are free of charge.

Dear friends, today I am going to offer you the best and most advanced UPI payment applications that allow you to perform transactions on mobile devices without having to use IFSC code and other long details. All you need is the beneficiary’s mobile phone number linked to your bank account and you can send or receive money via UPI. In fact, the UPI is defined as a uniform payment interface. In fact, this is a different idea from that of the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI), which is supported by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), which has always believed that Indian payments should be digitised.

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About UPI applications

  • Pay attention: The uniform payment interface does not require IFSC code data from the bank, but only a VPA, i.e. the virtual payment address of the sender or receiver, in order to be able to carry out online transactions immediately. In this article I present the best UPI applications with a digital portfolio.

I think you all know that this type of UPI payments initiate a platform to receive or send money between linked bank accounts. Today, digital transactions are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Through my research I learned more about digital transactions. There are many applications that make it possible to perform UPI transactions with direct bank accounts. As we all know, these UPI applications change the payment method when we don’t need cash, only a mobile device. If you have problems with your Craigslist accounts, try other websites such as Craigslist.

What is the UPI?

The full form of the UPI is a uniform payment interface. It is a common platform for transferring money between all bank accounts. This payment method only requires a mobile phone number for transactions. But recently the NPCI made this system work with the USSD technology of working phones, where you can perform operations by scanning the QR code.

I think you all know what USSD is? If you don’t know, let me give you a brief introduction, USSD defiendUnstructured Supplementary Service Data, which is a code system that starts with * and ends with #, when you enter the code you get a direct response on your mobile device. Just as this USSD technology is used in UPI payment transactions, it is also known as USSD banking.

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UPI manuals for payment claims:

These UPI applications have many advantages, because today anyone who uses these UPI applications for payment transactions can send or receive money. Before I present the first ten UPI claims to you, I would like to explain the benefits of UPI claims.

  • Quick translation: In fact, we need the IFSC code when we transfer money to different bank accounts for IMPS transactions via online banking, although sometimes the IFSC code is not needed when we transfer money within the same banks. But it takes a while, while UPI transactions are fast transactions where we don’t need the IFSC’s data, and so on. All we need is a mobile phone number linked to a bank account. This agreement is valid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Sent by scanning the QR code : This UPI payment method also supports the QR code. When you scan the QR code, the recipient is automatically identified and you can pay directly without adding your mobile phone number.
  • Different options for performing operations : There are other ways to make online transactions available to the market. In fact, we do the transactions first with the bank account number and the IFSC code, but this is an old method. Recently the QR-code method has been introduced for sending or receiving money.
  1. Virtual address
  2. QR code
  3. Mobile phone number and MMID
  4. It’s not an A/D. IFSC code

Features of the IPU application:

  • Share the bill: These UPI payment applications allow you to share an account with your friends and family. If people want to pay for a person, they will benefit.
  • A digital wallet: With these UPI payment applications you can put money in your wallet where you can easily make online transactions.
  • One request for many banks: You can use one application for many bank accounts when you don’t need separate applications. For example, if you have an SBI account, you can use the SBI payment, which can also use other UPI payment requests.
  • UPI-ID AND VPA : You can receive the money via your UPI-ID or virtual payment address. When a person sends money via a VPA, the money is credited directly to your bank account, as the UPI is credited to that bank account without you having to send the UPI ID separately.
  • Payment with QR code : I think this is the fastest way so far, because to transfer money you don’t even have to enter the mobile phone number, just scan the recipient’s QR code and send the money.
  • A single mandate: If you make regular transactions, such as paying electricity bills, DTH or renting a house, you can arrange a regular payment method where your money is automatically debited from your bank accounts when it is time to pay.
  • Easy to use: As you all know, this UPI payment method is very easy to use if you need a smart mobile device and a mobile phone number.
  • It’s free: The use of each application is free and you don’t have to pay a penny for each type of transaction.

Best and Top 10 UPI payment applications for immediate cash transactions:

  1. OHIM
  2. MobiQuick
  3. Bank of Settlements
  4. PhonePe
  5. Google pay (TEZ)
  6. Bags
  7. Ultracash
  8. Free
  9. PayZapp
  10. Airtel Paybank

Pay attention: In this article I will not give you the UPI ranking, but only the first 10 UPI applications based on the characteristics of these UPI applications.

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What can UPI logins do?

UPI applications allow you to perform the following tasks. This request can be made by any bank or financial company. Read the following steps to learn more about these IPU requests.

  • You can receive notifications.
  • The transaction history is used to calculate transactions.
  • You can also check your account balance directly from your mobile phone.
  • Add a bank account for fast transactions.
  • You can change / install the MPIN.
  • You can ask other people for money through messages.
  • Send / pay money
    • Virtual address
    • It’s not an A/D. IFSC code
    • Mobile phone number and MMID
    • Aadhair
  • You can receive offers, scratch cards and many more of these UPI applications.

IPU requirements:

Before I introduce you to the main UPI applications, I would like to explain all the terms of use of these UPI payment applications. These requirements must and must be used by UPI applications.

  1. First of all, you need a bank account. (savings account or current account)
  2. The mobile phone number is linked to this bank account.
  3. You must have a debit card to add card details to your UPI request.
  4. The mobile phone must be activated on your mobile phone to send or receive messages.
  5. You must have an account balance to be able to send messages.
  6. The Smart Mobile is really necessary.
  7. The Internet must be available to transfer money to your devices.
  8. Android or iOS operating systems have been updated.

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List of applications enabling UPI payments:

Finally, it is time to inform you about all the advantages and functions of these UPI applications. Due to the intensive use of UPI applications, many people are constantly looking for the best UPI payment applications. Read more about these UPI applications


OHIM Full Form – Bharat Interface for Money, established and developed by the National Payment Corporation of India (NCPI). Thanks to its user interface and pure interface, it has a huge user base in India, but recently PhonePe put it in second place. You can send or receive money via BHIM UPI very quickly with just one click. You can also change your bank account or execute a transaction in 4 to 5 clicks. I think it sounds great, don’t you? Thanks to the features I have listed below, the OHIM application is now in my list of top 10 UPI payment requests.


MES IPI characteristics:

  1. OHIM UPI has billing features that mean you don’t have to worry about paying bills.
  2. One click on transfer money.
  3. Clean surface with white background and minimal blue symbols.
  4. You can transfer money via the VPA, the QR code or the bank account number and the IFSC code.
  5. This is the application of OHIM in connection with OHIM Baroda Pay, OHIM SBI Pay, OHIM as Pay.
  6. Above all, this OHIM IPB is supported by the Indian government, where one can feel a certain sense of security.
  7. You can check your account balance very easily.
  8. Just pay any user with this great application.
  9. You can buy this application in the Google App Store itself.
  10. Set up payment reminders.
  11. Share accounts among MIHB users.


I can say that OHIM is the most popular UPI application, which is a very safe place for your financial transactions. Like other UPI applications, OHIM has user interface functions such as sending and receiving money, changing the UPI pin code, generating QR codes, checking the account balance and much more. OHIM has recently added some additional features, such as the IFSC code and the account number method in the OHIM UPI application. Just register your mobile phone number at the bank, create a UPI and start the transaction via the OHIM application.

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2. MobiQuick

MobiQuick was founded and developed in 2009 by Bipinprit Singh and Upasana Taku. In fact, at first this application had a huge user base, but later on many applications compete with the MobiKwik application. This is an Indian payment network that has recently taken its place in the list of UPI applications. This MobiKwik application offers many features that help users to send or receive money through the UPI process. Thanks to the features that I will present below, MobiKwik has also been included in my list of the most common UPI payment applications.


Characteristics of MobiQuick:

  1. You can pay your bills online with just one click.
  2. You can define reminders for the payment of your invoices.
  3. Add your credit/debit or internet banking to the transfer.
  4. One of the best digital wallets.
  5. One of the main providers of e-wallet services is also connected to several e-commerce providers.
  6. With this application you can pay mobile phones, DTH, landline phone, gas, electricity bills.


MobiKwik has more than 30 million users throughout India. In addition, MobiKwik has more than one Lacchus retailer, which accepts payments or sends them to others. You can pay all the bills at home. With this application you can charge mobile phones, pay landline phone, gas and electricity bills. MobiKwik has many shops all over India, so you can use this application in many places.

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3. Bank for payments

I think you know Paytm, yes Paytm is the best digital wallet used anywhere in India. But they have recently introduced the Paytm payment bank for UPI transactions. Thanks to the interface, many users are attracted to Paytm. As usual, Paytm has a huge user base compared to other UPI applications. This application is the largest UPI platform in India. Paytm offers unlimited possibilities on one platform. This Paytm payment bank recently issued its debit card, which is linked to the Rupay debit card.

Paying bank

Payment system characteristics:

  1. Unlimited cash offers are available on this paytm.
  2. Paytm is known to scan the QR code.
  3. You can obtain a debit card from the Paytm payment bank.
  4. You can also use this interface to purchase products from the Paytm application.
  5. To create a Paytm number, you need to add your mobile phone number.
  6. To send or receive money, you must register your number.
  7. Pay with the Paytm application for electricity, DTH, charging and much more.


Due to the recent update of the rules in India, you need to fill in KYC in order to fully use this Paytm application.  The UPI allows customers to put money in their wallet that they can use for payments. To open an UPI account at Paytm, you need a debit/credit card, a net banking network, account information such as account number and IFSC code. As soon as the payer has accepted the payment request, the money is added to the Paytm portfolio. For all these reasons, Paytm has been included in my list of the top 10 UPI applications that accept UPI payments.

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4. Telephone

The PhonePe application was created and established in 2015 and is operated by Yes Bank. In fact, PhonePe is becoming increasingly popular among all UPI applications today. Because of the interesting possibilities many people try to use this application on their site. Most retailers use this application for faster transactions. With PhonePe you can send or receive money within seconds, but all you need is a mobile phone number linked to your bank account number. This application now supports UPI-ID transactions, while this application also supports mobile transactions and transactions with IFSC codes.


PhonePe Properties:

  1. Faster transactions compared to other UPI payment applications.
  2. Almost all banks support this UPI application.
  3. You can check your account balance with one click.
  4. You can set or reset a UPI code with the PhonePe.
  5. You can send or receive money simply by knowing your mobile phone number.
  6. You can add as many bank accounts as needed for real money transactions.
  7. You can also change your bank accounts.
  8. With this PhonePe application you can make payments for bills such as DTH, water bill, electricity bill and more.
  9. You can do more with this application, such as paying bills, charging your mobile phone, booking bus tickets and much more.


Recently, the PhonePe application that gives scratch cards after transactions, if you scratch the card, you get an amount or luck the next time the message appears, this amount will be credited to your PhonePe wallet. PhonePe recently started selling digital gold. You can exchange up to 1 laha per day. You can use this application for 24*7 days, which is most convenient for each user. Thanks to all the features I have provided in the above mentioned PhonePe application, it has been added to my list of most commonly used payment applications.

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5. Google pay (TEZ)

Google will create an Indian application for UPI transactions. Normally Google Pay is initially called TEZ, but recently Google changed the name TEZ to Google Pay. With Google Pay you can make transactions directly from your bank accounts using the UPI payment method. In fact, the Google Pay application has more security factors than other UPI applications. You must enter the PIN code when you try to open the application. With Google Pay you get a scratch card when you transfer money with Google Pay. The cash bonus you received directly from Google Pay Scratch Cards will be credited to your bank account.

Google Numbers

Google Payment options:

  1. Earn scratch cards when you transfer money via Google Pay.
  2. You can pay or receive money directly from your bank accounts.
  3. As I said before, this UPI application provides security on several levels.
  4. Thanks to this application you can pay your bills.
  5. You can also define reminders for the payment of your invoices.
  6. Separate accounts and payments. [Useful if you’re with friends]
  7. A QR code for scanning payment methods is also available in this application.
  8. The Google Pay application is safe and reliable, and Add Free App.
  9. The best I can say about this application is ultrasonic wave technology.
  10. You can make money by inviting your friends and family.


This special supplement is available in many Indian languages, including Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Kannada, Gujarati, Bengali and Hindi. Initially, the Google Pay application is supported by 4 banks, but when Google Pay writes its application in the list of UPI applications, then automatically every bank that supports OHIM UPI live is supported by the Tez application. The Google Pay application enables its users to make money by recommending this application to others. A special feature of this application is that it allows a cash payment method that allows you to transfer money to a person in your neighborhood. With all the features I mentioned above, this app has finally been added to my list of top 10 UPI 2021 payment applications for Android/iDevices.

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6. Bags

Pockets ap, made and developed by ICICI bank. I think you all know the ICICI bank, which is the most popular bank for salaries, EMI services and much more. In fact the Pockets application comes first with a digital wallet and then with an ICICI bank connected to the UPI payment method. This Virtual Digital Portfolio can therefore be converted into a savings account where you can save money. With the Pocket application you have a virtual debit card at your disposal, and you can also obtain a free physical debit card from ICICI Bank. You can also use ICICI online banking from this handheld application.


Bag features:

  1. You can get a physical ATM card to withdraw money at the ATMs.
  2. Make contactless payments and use NFC technology.
  3. You can use this application with a variety of suggestions.
  4. Handheld applications enable their users to transfer money via various payment methods such as Touch & Pay, UPI and others.
  5. Unlimited offers and discounts of this application.
  6. With this application you can access and track your permanent and recurring deposits.
  7. Check your account balance with one click.
  8. Use this application safely and securely.
  9. This application allows you to perform QR and VPA ID transfers.


Compared to other UPI applications, this interface is convenient so that every user can use this application without any problems. Pocket applications are one of the most popular applications for digital wallets and UPI payments. This application is similar to the Chillr application. The most important is that this application offers payment methods such as UPI, NFC, Touch & Pay, mVISA and Bharat QR Code. For all the reasons I mentioned in the above mentioned Pockets application created by ICICI Bank it has also earned a place in my list of the most popular UPI payment applications.

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7. UltraCash

UltraCash has no wallet function. This application uses NFC technology. I think there’s one thing I’m trying to say: I don’t think this application has as broad a user base as other UPI payment applications. In addition, UltraCash only offers its services in selected cities. As I said before, this application uses NFC technology, although if you want to send or receive money, another person must also have a connection to a device that supports NFC. The best thing about this application is that it offers discounts and offers to users to make them happy and satisfied.


UltraCash Properties:

  1. For UPI transactions you must add an OHIM UPI.
  2. You may also have the option of paying by credit/debit card.
  3. The initiators have therefore made the transactions simple and fast.
  4. You can send or receive money using NFC technology.
  5. It is somewhat safe to use as you will be asked for a secure 6-digit PIN code to access the application.
  6. To use the UltraCash application, you must check your mobile phone.


In fact, UltraCash was only connected to the banks at the time of the first application, but after a certain UltraCash connection to OHIM UPI, every user has the impression that he has an easy way to make money. You can also use this application to make payments such as electricity bills, reservations, DTH and others. As I said, this application is only used in a few cities, so it is quite difficult to get the user’s attention. For the above reasons UltraCash has also earned a place in my list of most used payment applications.

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8. Free :

The name itself describes the application. FreeCharge is the most popular digital wallet that allows users to take advantage of this application. Recently, FreeCharge has also been associated with UPI payment methods. Just add your bank account number to create a free UPI account. The best thing I can say about this application is on Axis Bank, where you can create a UPI ID in the application itself. The features I am going to present below are the reason why FreeCharge has been placed on my Top 10 UPI list.


Free Features:

  1. With this application you can also invest in investment funds.
  2. Reload your mobile phone numbers directly via the application.
  3. Add money to your portfolio directly from your bank accounts.
  4. Perform faster UPI transactions.
  5. One of the best applications for offers and discounts.
  6. The best application to get discounts and offers.
  7. Get your own @upload UPI ID with this application


In fact, this application was originally a Fintech starting point in Gurgaon, but after the takeover of FreeCharge by Axis Bank. You can create your own @freecharge UPI ID in the FreeCharge application, but you don’t have to share the UPI ID to use the application on your smart devices. With the FreeCharge application, you can also use it to bill for utilities, refills, water, travel, and more. The FreeCharge application is known for its UPI, filing, payment of the bill, etc…….

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9. PayZapp

PayZapp is becoming more and more popular today because of its unlimited possibilities. This request concerns the HDFC bank. PayZapp offers various refund offers and discounts on the websites of various merchants. It has both a digital portfolio and a UPI payment method, which is very important nowadays. The best I can say about this application is that you can create a debit visa card and link it to this application. With this PayZapp you can also carry out financial transactions with the QR code. I would like to introduce you to some interesting features of the application.


PayZapp Features:

  1. Create an UPI ID in the application itself
  2. Transfer money with the click of a mouse.
  3. Just check your account balance.
  4. Implementation of VPA identification and QR code operations.
  5. You can also benefit from significant discounts on payments and top-ups for your mobile phone, SmartBuy, data card and direct-to-home (DTH) reception.
  6. Virtual card in the application, available for online transactions
  7. You can also use your PayZapp business account.
  8. I think almost all e-commerce sites in India allow the use of PayZapp wallet for online transactions.
  9. Proximity payments (a good connection like G Pay) will be introduced soon.


PayZapp is known for its unlimited refund offers and discounts on various trading sites. I can say with certainty that PayZapp is one of the most popular UPI payment applications, with many refund offers. This portfolio of applications is available for almost all e-commerce sites. You can also convert your account to a business account in this application if you want to carry out business transactions. Thanks to all these features, PayZapp has also been included in my list of the 10 best UPI payment applications for Android/iOS.

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10. Airtel payment bank

I think you all know this app. If you are an Airtel user, you should be aware of this application. Airtel Payments Bank has recently joined the list of UPI transactions where you can easily execute UPI transactions via this Airtel Payments Bank. They can also create a VPN and link their bank accounts. The best I can say about this application is that you can make payments both online and offline through this application.

Paying bank for airlines

Characteristics of the Airtel payment bank:

  1. You can carry out transactions with other banks that are linked to UPI transactions.
  2. Receive offers and discounts.
  3. This application is connected to most e-commerce sites.
  4. Reload the application and get your money back.
  5. This application is most useful for Airtel users.
  6. Check your account balance with this one-click application.
  7. Works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


I can say with certainty that Airtel Payments Bank is becoming increasingly popular today with its one-click refund and online transactional offers. You must add your UPI ID to create the Airtel payment bank. In addition, this application allows you to perform operations with UPI. For all these reasons, Airtel Payments Bank has also been included in the list of the most popular UPI applications.

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Frequently asked questions:

Question 1) Can I pay online with UPI transactions?

Answer me this: Yes, you can pay for online transactions with UPI if the seller offers the possibility to pay via UPI.

Question 2) Is it safe to make transactions with UPI payment applications?

Answer me this: Yes, it is 100% secure, some applications even offer two-factor authentication.

Question 3) What are the main characteristics of the IPI?

Answer me this:

  1. You can send or receive money via the VPA.
  2. Works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  3. Safe and secure payment method.
  4. Direct payment to the dealers.

Q4) What are the additional features compared to the IMPS operation?

Answer me this:  Other features include P2P functionality, simplified business payments, a bank transfer application and two-factor one-click authentication.


That’s all, my friends, I think I’m giving the best UPI applications that are gaining popularity all over India. Currently the payment methods of the UPI are very fast, while cash transactions are very fast. Many suppliers and retailers use these UPI payment methods to get money from their customers. In addition, most e-commerce sites allow IPUs to pay for their services.

This article ends mainly with the words What are the best UPI payment methods and the top 10 UPI application lists for Android and iOS devices. If you experience any problems or errors when using these UPI applications, please let us know through the Comments section and we will try to find the best solution for your requests. If you know of another UPI payment application that offers unlimited possibilities for customers, please let us know.

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