Upgrade To Windows 10 For Free, Using Original Microsoft Offer of 2016

Users should appreciate Microsoft’s free offer to upgrade to Windows 10 in 2016. Until now, Microsoft offered a free upgrade to Windows 10 from previous versions. But at that time most users were satisfied with their current version of Windows. Unfortunately, the offer has ended and Microsoft has started to charge for the activation of Windows 10.

The Windows update has been implemented by Microsoft using the GWX application, which generates a new identifier for Windows 10 based on the previous version of each Windows. Here we have activated the GWX application for users who want to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. Follow this article to update Windows 10 now.

Windows 10 Upgrade to 2019

Years after Microsoft’s free update offer expires, users can still update Windows 10 from Windows 7 or Windows 8 / 8.1. However, this method is still unknown to Microsoft’s large technical team, or in some forums Microsoft claims that they simply do not prohibit the offer to promote Windows more than the MAC OS.

The user can benefit from a free upgrade together with a valid digital right. There are also easy ways to upgrade to Windows 10 by installing a free product key and using it to activate the version. If you use the GWX application to revitalize an old offering from 2016, you can activate Windows for free.

Checklist: Before starting the Windows 10 update process

Before starting the upgrade, make the following checks.

1. Activate previous version of Windows

This is the most important test. Make sure it is turned on before upgrading to Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1. Microsoft allows a free upgrade to Windows 10 if the previous version of Windows is fully activated and licensed. If a previous version has not been activated, an error 03f7001 may occur between the upgrade process.

Follow the instructions to check the activation status of Windows;

  1. Press Windows+W to open the Windows search bar,
  2. Type the name of the active person in the search field and press the Enter key.
  3. Then you will see the result Check that Windows is turned on.
  4. You can also go to Control Panel -> System to view the device status.
  5. The user can also simply right-click on My Computer and then click on Properties. Check the activation status in the Windows properties.

2. Making a fuse

It is advisable to back up your files and folders every month. Make sure there is a good backup before starting the Windows update. Since the upgrade process cannot be stopped in the middle, you need to make an appropriate backup before starting something relative. A backup is also necessary because all files on your hard drive are deleted during the Windows installation.

Users can easily back up their PC using the built-in Windows system backup options or third-party tools. With a full image backup, you know you can restore the image and restart the PC just like you did when you backed it up.

3. Disabling antivirus

Normally, antivirus programs can interrupt or disrupt the Windows update process. It is recommended to disable or uninstall your antivirus software before starting the update process. You can always reinstall the Windows 10 version after the upgrade if you want to use something other than Windows Defender.

4. Windows Update Wizard

Another important tool to start the upgrade process for Windows 10 is the Upgrade Wizard, which allows you to upgrade Windows 10. The update tool is able to determine the best version for your computer. Depending on the current version, the Windows Update Wizard can simply select the version to be installed on your system.

Another importance of the update wizard is that it can easily download the correct version according to the hardware configuration. If the user has already used the 32-bit version of Windows, the 32-bit version of Windows 10 must also be installed. The update tool can also easily detect which version of Windows you are using and who needs to be updated. For example, if the user uses Windows 7 at home, he will only upgrade to Windows 10 Home.

steps to upgrade to Windows 10 free

Follow the instructions below to update Windows 10 free of charge;

Step one: Make sure you have a real version of Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 installed on your PC. Otherwise, download an earlier version of Windows and install it on your PC. After installation, activate Windows with a real product code.

Step two: Make a full backup of your Windows PC using a backup tool or other method. It is recommended to make a backup so that the user can easily reinstall Windows 10 with its settings and favourites in the future.

Step three: The user must now create a Windows 10 installation program. This can also be done with the Windows 10 media creation tool. After creating a bootable DVD or hard disk, simply upgrade your current version of Windows to the latest version of Windows 10. The best way is to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 compared to other versions.

Step four: Now insert the installation disk with the processor and restart the computer. Press and hold the F2 key while the computer reboots. After accessing the BIOS setup, follow the instructions to install Windows 10. BIOS .

Step five: Restart the computer when all processes have been completed.

Step six: After starting the installation, you will be asked for the key. Enter it here and click Next.

Once the above process is complete, simply open the Windows Update Center and follow the instructions to activate Windows 10 without a product key. Installing Windows 10 this way automatically activates the Windows 10 digital license, which you can confirm in Settings > Updates and Security > Activation.

Since a digital license is valid for a specific product ID, it is recommended to perform a clean installation to avoid errors when upgrading and activating Windows 10. This method does not require a product key.

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How do I configure Windows 10 after the upgrade?

After upgrading to Windows 10, a user can simply use the Windows 10 Help technology to customize Windows. Otherwise, there are other random methods. When a user first tries to register on Windows 10 after installation, there are certain steps to follow. Follow the list to configure Windows 10 after installation.

  • First, the user is asked to verify the account. Be sure to create a new user account on Microsoft servers instead of trying to access the old account.
  • The user is then asked to configure the privacy settings on his or her computer.
  • How embarrassing you might want to stop everything (and that’s fine), but take the time to scroll through your options.
  • Now it’s up to you whether or not to take Cortona. We recommend activating Cortona because it is an incredible PDA for Windows 10 PC.
  • Finally, we will introduce you to some of the new Windows 10 built-in applications that are used by default to open the file types they support, unless you click on the little Let me choose my default applications link at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Windows will now check online for a software update for Windows 10. Once Windows is updated, the user can use it as desired.
  • At this point it is recommended to restore the backup of the previous version of Windows.
  • Now it’s time to check your applications to make sure they have survived the upgrade process, and to connect your peripherals and make sure all your hardware is working.

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