uTorrent not responding in Windows 10 [Quick Guide]

Viper Antivirus

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2. Changing the safety parameters

2.1. Disabling or removing the firewall

A solution to the lack of response from uTorrent is to disable the firewall and reboot the computer.

If you already have a powerful antivirus program, you should remove unnecessary firewall software that youTorrent usually crashes regularly. The problem can be caused by tools such as V-Com System Suite, Norman Personal Firewall, NVIDIA Firewall or Cybersitter.

2.2. Configuring antivirus settings

For those who have Avast Antivirus, you will need to disable the P2P shield feature to take advantage of uTorrent download sessions.

The Spyware Doctor 5 tool usually causes youTorrent to crash during the installation process. To solve this problem, you can remove it and choose an antivirus program that does not affect uTorrent, as we recommend in this article.

If you are using antivirus software such as Outpost Pro, you must exclude uTorrent from the rules to solve the problem.

3. Modification of the copy of torrent

Sometimes uTorrent may also be blocked at a certain percentage of the download process. This problem is due to the fact that your copy of the torrent is incomplete, unavailable or missing sowers. In this case, you may need another version of the file you wish to download.

4. uChanging torrent assignment

  1. Open UTorrent, go to options.
  2. Open the settings, select General.

3. Click on Link to Torrent Files.

5. Saving uTorrent parameters

  1. Press Windows+R to open Run.
  2. Enter %appdata%uTorrent.

3. Press the Enter key, the torrent files will be moved from the Roaming folder to the AppData folder.

4. Follow these instructions to remove uTorrent.

5. Relocation of uTorrent

6. From the File Preferences menu, choose to set the download location as a folder for incomplete downloads.

7. Open all .torrent files with uTorrent.

There are several reasons why uTorrent cannot respond, and we have presented the most common reasons and the solution for each of them.

We’d like you to tell us more about it, so please leave us a comment by going to the section below.

FAQ: More information about uTorrent

  • How can I remedy the situation if youTorrent does not respond?

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  • Why did my UTorrent stop working?

If you notice that uTorrent crashes when you connect to colleagues instead of downloading, we can show you how to solve the problem.

  • Why isn’t UTorrent working on my phone?

The solution to this problem may require that you get the right Android application to download uTorrent.

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Editor’s comments : This article was originally published in September 2017 and revised and updated in December 2020 for timeliness, accuracy and completeness.

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