What are the trends of website navigation?

What do you think is the most important element of the user interface? Recent research indicates that this is the design of the search results page. Current trends in the field of websites aim to make life easier for users. The sooner a man finds what he’s looking for, the better for everyone. At the same time, developers are challenged to make the search for information accessible to people of different ages and educational levels. The modern design of the website navigation puts an end to the clutter of buttons, windows, flashing banners and other digital information. What should a perfect website look like to make users happy?

Latest generation navigation structures

An ideal navigation bar should contain some artificial intelligence functions. It is no longer sufficient for the user to quickly find the right information. Additional options should be proposed on the website. It would be nice if the user could see similar documents or what other people are looking for with this request. Maybe the website can offer even more than the person who was hoping to find it. There is still interest and a desire to use this resource in the future.

Trends in website navigation also go hand in hand with UX design. The widespread idea is that the best interface is the one that doesn’t exist. The less visitors have to click virtual buttons, the better, the more they can follow links and fill in different forms. It is also very important not only to be able to return quickly to the search results, but also to be able to see the general menu of the site.

Examples of successful new trends

If you place the search bar at a point on the page, you can navigate faster. The search bar should be in one place on all pages of the site, so that users can see them immediately. It is also desirable that the colour and design of the search field is identical on all pages. In this way, the eyes of the website visitor immediately find the right sign.

Automatically filling or searching for offers saves the user time. Instead of printing the entire application, you can use ready-made words or sentences. In addition, a website in the results window can display not only the answers to a direct question, but also products from a broader category or related products.

Direct filtering via the search bar makes it easy to select a category and a product. The algorithm defines keywords in the product name and automatically restricts them to a specific category and product group. Category lists, for example, are a handy option:

  • Large devices ;
  • Small household appliances ;
  • Garden tools.

The advanced search results help you to find more interesting information. For example, if you enter a product name in the search field, you will not only get a list of available options, but also tips for use, reviews and similar characters.

The dynamic display of search results allows you to evaluate the information obtained without having to switch to a new tab in your browser. This function should not only be available for the search results, but also for the entire content of the website. It is good that the information can be easily filtered by specifying the necessary criteria.

If the system cannot return the results on request, designers should not leave the search results window blank. The website may offer similar products or information. This will help the user. It is also important to make the process of returning to the search field as simple as possible. The answer: If there are no results, the instructions below and the field for a new request must be on the same page. If the user has to search for a new search each time in the site’s menu or search bar, he closes the site after 2 or 3 attempts.

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