Windows 10 brightness not working? Apply these 3 solutions 2021

Can’t change the brightness of the screen on your laptop or desktop? Several users report that the brightness of Windows 10 does not work after an update, or that moving the brightness slider does not change anything, even if it is set to 2% or 100%. Other users report that the brightness slider in Windows 10 does not allow you to adjust the notebook screen brightness. Usually, the brightness problem on a computer or laptop is related to the display driver and power settings. If you have a similar problem, the brightness control of Windows 10 does not work, if you install the latest screen driver (graphics driver), the problem is probably solved.

Windows 10 brightness slider does not work

If you cannot adjust the brightness of the screen using the special keys on the keyboard or the brightness slider, we recommend restarting the computer. This will restart and repair all drivers, including the graphics driver, if a temporary problem prevents the brightness of the screen from working.

If you are using a laptop, look for the sun symbol on the keyboard. These buttons are the function keys on your laptop that you use to adjust the brightness of your notebook screen (up or down). Press or hold down the Fn button while using any of these buttons and see if you can change the brightness of the display.

Update window 10

Microsoft regularly releases Windows updates with the latest bug fixes and security improvements. Installing the latest Windows updates also solves previous problems, let’s first install the available Windows updates.

  • Press the Windows + X button to select a setting,
  • Click the Update and Security button and then click the Check for Updates button,
  • Downloading window updates from the Microsoft server and updating the screen driver is then started.
  • Then restart the computer to apply it and check the status of the screen brightness settings.

Turn off adaptive brightness

Currently, most monitors or laptops are equipped with an ambient light sensor and the Adaptive Brightness feature of Windows 10 automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen based on the ambient light. You may not be able to change the screen brightness with the adaptive brightness function. In addition, several users report that the display brightness problem has been solved after turning off the adaptive brightness function.

  • Press the Windows + R key, type powercfg.cpl and press Enter,
  • Click on the link Change plan settings next to your current electricity plan.
  • Then click on the link Change power presets,

  • In the new window, magnify the view to open the lists below.
  • Expand Turn on the adaptive brightness and then turn on the Battery on and Connected off options. Click on Apply.
  • Now check if you can increase the brightness of the screen.

Reinstalling Display Adapter Drivers

Here is another definitive solution to the screen brightness problem that does not work on Windows 10.

  • Press Windows + X and select Device Manager,
  • A list of all installed device drivers is displayed,
  • Expand the display adapters, right-click on the display adapter (or graphics driver) and select the device you want to remove,
  • Select the checkbox to uninstall the driver for this device, click Uninstall when prompted, and restart the computer.

Apply if you have NVIDIA or AMD graphics drivers installed:

Open the Control Panel -> Programs and functions -> search here for all drivers named NVIDIA or AMD, remove them and restart your PC.

  • The next time you start Windows, the default playback driver is automatically installed on your computer.
  • Or open the device manager and check the hardware changes to install the standard screen driver.
  • You should also visit the device manufacturer’s website or, if you have installed a graphics card, the graphics card manufacturer’s website. B. NVIDIA or AMD, to download and install the latest screen/graphic driver for your PC.

Did these solutions solve the problem that window 10 doesn’t work or doesn’t have a brightness slider? Please let us know in the comments below.

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